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one week left

I dont even know what to think at this point since there is so little time left. I mean, one week is all I have left in the decade of my 20s. Next week this time those years will have escaped me and I will no longer be writing in this blog. 168 hours is what this now comes down to. It used to be 10 years, 5 years, 365 days and now it can be measured in hours. Its pretty surreal when I think about it.

I keep getting asked, “what are we doing for your birthday?” But to be honest I dont know and nor do I really care to think about planning something. I say let’s fall into a random night in the city that never sleeps and see where that takes us. Maybe I will actually complete another item on my life list, “sleep in NYC.” No, not at another person’s apartment, just kind of wing it and maybe see how comfortable that bush over there really is. I doubt the friends would let me sleep in the gutter or in a pool of my own urine so I dont think that is going to fly. Maybe I watch the sun come up on my 30s.

I could watch the sun set, at 5pm (gross, where did summer go) and then burn the midnight oil until the sun shines in on my 30s. I better dress warm because it is cold up in this piece. Im sure this idea wouldnt be that pretty either considering I would be up all night, but Im thinking that is the way to go. Some friends, a random night, and the death of a era. Im sure this is all going to change as the week goes on, but for now Im content with that.

Or I could cannonball off the ole Brooklyn Bridge…

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