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life list (14Mar2000)

I made this list on 14 March 2000. I had already signed up for the Air Force, though on the delayed enlistment program. I was dating a girl from town. I made too much money and partied too hard, yet this is what I came up with at the time. Pretty interesting to see where my supposed “priorities” lay at that time, but this is definitely a true piece of me.

Mom found this on the old computer a couple of years back and I also found a hard copy in my personal records. I always love reading things from my past. Items in parentheses are notes or descriptions of some of these items. Check it, 55 things I wanted to do before i kicked it…


List of things I want to accomplish or do before I die:
1. Bungee jump (mom asked me not to do this one, so I agree)
2. *Sky dive (over North Shore Oahu, HI with my friend Lally. Have a video of this somewhere)
3. Backpack across Europe
4. *Swim with dolphins (never got to touch one, but swam with wild ones in Rocky Point twice)
5. Fish for a great white shark and/ or black marlin
6. Ride an elephant
7. Visit Egypt and the Pyramids
8. *Swim in the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans (basically lived summers in OC MD, swam in SD CA)
9. Walk on the Great Wall of China
10. Climb a mountain
11. Scuba dive in the Barrier Reef
12. Fly a glider
13. Drive a race car
14. Hunt a moose in the Canadian wilderness REVISION: hunt big game
15. Run in a marathon (might skip this one because I hate running)
16. Bike the Appalachian Trail
17. *Start a business that stimulates creative minds (been there, done some of that)
18. Retire a millionaire so my children do not have to worry about money (its still the plan)
19. Invent something that will benefit the world
20. Go on a safari in the African plains
21. Visit a rain forest and photograph the wildlife
22. Set a record in the Guinness Book of World Records, even if it stands for only a minute
23. Write a song for my children
24. *Write a children’s book (just started to storyboard my first book, Im excited)
25. Write a serious book
26. Own an Audi by the time I reach the age of 30 (HA, that’s out unless suga mama comes around next week)
27. *Not have to wear a suit and tie to work (I love this way of life)
28. Make sure my parents don’t have to worry about anything financially when they grow old (still trying)
29. Walk on the six major continents, all seven if I am fortunate (3 of 7 so far)
30. *Eat a live worm (forgot I did this as a kid)
31. Have an wall aquarium in my house
32. *Live in California (I miss Monterey, CA. Thanks USAF)
33. *Live in New York City (I think Hoboken counts, but I may move in eventually)
34. *Learn how to surf in Hawaii (White Sands near Ewa Beach Oahu, HI Dec 2005)
34. Learn how to surf in Hawaii
35. Swim with a Great White
36. Visit all 50 States and at least one land mark in each
37. See every type of major sporting event (hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer, football)
38. Chop down a 50 foot tall tree without a chainsaw
39. Watch an eclipse of the sun
40. *Design a website with Ryan Daughtridge (I had input into Bustin at times, so that counts)
41. Graduate from the Virginia Military Institute and be recruited by the FBI (It was a nice thought)
42. *Save someone’s life (pulled two kids to shore in Squan this year in the largest rescue I have ever seen)
43. Drive 200 miles per hour
44. Own a corvette when I retire
45. *Speak several languages fluently (I was pretty close on Spanish and it still shows when I have some drinks!)
46. Design a fashion line CLARIFY: Apparel line, not high end (hopefully with Ogden Ill get a shot)
47. Learn to fly fish
48. *Ride in a helicopter (Black Hawks on Operation Angel Thunder)
49. *Go caving (in WVA in church camp, forgot about that one)
50. Shoot the Colorado River rapids
51. *Visit the Grand Canyon (flown over it at 10,000 ft with the back of the plane open, best view ever)
52. *Watch a space Shuttle take off (happened in FLA when I was 5)
53. Learn to ballroom dance (does the Dougie count?)
54. Have a part in a movie (thought I was in for Transformers, but missed out.)
55. Have kids while my grandparents are alive to see them (only got one Gma left, so ladies get at me)

3-25-00 56. Chase, see, and photograph a tornado

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