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T minus 10 days

and counting until the death of my 20s is upon me. Its all really just a blur at this point so I cant even say that its truly set in. Work this week, travel home to be with the family on Christmas, then back to NYC for the 30th commemoration of my birth. I still dont have plans and I think I like it that way. I dont feel nervous. I dont feel old (though a girl told me I was too old to dance to hiphop the other night. Thanks little lady. By the way, get that gap in your teeth fixed and take advantage of the ProActive infomercial that plays on repeat all day. That might change your attitude on life.).

Maybe this will set in as the next 10 days carry on and I get closer to the impending doom of my youthful life. Im somewhat numb to the fact that its here, though I have been talking about it a lot lately. I think other people are making a bigger deal out of it than I am. “THE BIG 3-0!” Yeah thanks, I get it. Its kinda been on my mind for the last 365.

The Box was brought up yesterday over some bloody maries so I may explore this option as it would be the most random night it could possibly be, BUT it also may not be the venue that some of my friends would be into. Im open to suggestions.

Let the countdown begin.

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