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let’s party like its 2010…

December 31, 2010 Leave a comment

so its not as catchy as Prince’s 1999, but I still feel like its a good way to live out these next couple of hours. Im watching “Get Him to the Greek” for the second time today and digging the way I have spent the first three days of my 30s. Ive already gotten to walk through the doors of many places I never knew existed and gotten to spend lots of time with friends. That’s the plan for tonight too, friends. Its going to be a lot different than years passed, but I am good with not throwing back five champagne bottles to the head.

I would like to officially apologize for last NYE to one person. She knows who she is. No apologies tonight bc things are going to be different. Party like its 2010 and Ill see you on the other side. I cant wait to hear stories from this evenings festivities. ENJOY!!

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my first greatest adventure

December 30, 2010 Leave a comment

MOM DISCLAIMER: Consider yourself warned mom. I MAY or MAY NOT have taken some liberties on the story of my birth. You may not want to read the jazzed up version as you lived it.

Readers, this epic is 99% truth and < 1% fallacy. I leave this up for your interpretation.

On the 28th of December I meant to write about the story of my birth, but I got too caught up in my self-loathing and let it slip my mind. So without further adue, here is the miraculous story of how young Matthew Thomas "Mateos Robert" was born unto this world.

I was lucky enough be born 1,980 years and three days after our Lord and Savior. Because of this all of my fun for the year is and always has been balled up in one 72 hour period between 25Dec and 28Dec. With a birthday so close to Christmas, the lines of dilineation between the two holidays always blurred. Christmas may or may not have been cut a little short in past years because my birthday was so close (in no way I am being ungrateful, but I heard this sometimes spill from adult's mouths as a kid and felt super jealous of spring babies and their 6 month gap between presents. Show offs…). Birthday gifts show up mysteriously wrapped in Christmas paper. The same Christmas paper from three days earlier, interesting. Santa wraps my birthday gifts too? How does he have time when he's making toys for all the children of the world? I must be special I always thought. Brian (30th), did this happen to you? Melissa (23th), to you? Mom, what about you (24th)? I'm sure it's happened to us all. Read more…

day one

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So I know that was an anticlimactic way of “ending” the blog. I never knew how it would end, I never really thought about the end product. I always thought and cared about the process of it all. The documentation of a year in the life and the exploration into the thoughts that come along with this expanse of time. I always thought about the creation of this type of venture and never truly pictured an “ending.”

Through all this, I wanted to explore a year in my life. Possibly the biggest year in my life to this point. The death of my 20s and birth of my 30s. So far, they dont seem to be that bad. Of course I say this all in jest because I am looking forward to the greatest time of my life. 30 is going to be amazing. It’s setting itself up to be the BEST, most incredible year I have ever had. With all that is going on, I can’t see it being anything BUT.

I do have regret with this project though. I wish I would’ve taken the time to write daily if only for a moment so just capture that specific moment in time. Then it would have been a true depiction of 365 days in the final year of my third decade like I had planned it to be. I would’ve let go more, written more for me. I feel like its a good body of work though. It allowed me to just think freely, express openly, and write like I have never written before. Im excited to move on to the new project; the documentation of my 30th year.

I truly ready to embrace this new challenge and to improve upon the project that I began last year at this time. Hopefully I can explore myself further, deal with some of my demons, and live life to its most full potential. Im taking every opportunity to do new things and I have huge plans for the coming year. Hopefully you will continue to follow this crazy rollercoaster that is my life. I promise it’ll be interesting to say the least. Day one of 365. 364 to go…

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the last night

December 29, 2010 Leave a comment

hello empire state. good to see you again.

The train into Penn Station NYC was uneventful the rest of the way and upon surfacing to street level, I was finally able to see the extent of the blizzard. The clean up was still underway and seemed chaotic as people and cabs trudged through the sludge that had been left behind. I myself was very prepared for this type of atmosphere with my low top canvas Converse in white no doubt. First steps out onto 8th Ave and my feet were soaked, white shoes turned a shade of brown, and I couldnt help but laugh. I am not the brightest crayon in the box.

Walking through the city and seeing the Empire State Building lit up was great. I love standing in its shadow and having to creen my neck to see its spire. I love to see it lit up and I can only think back to what those amazing twin towers must have looked like. True wonders of the world. I regret never seeing them in person or standing on top of them to catch the greatest view of the island. This always passes through my mind when I look up at the Empire State.

Back into Hoboken to get ready for dinner and drinks in the city or so I thought. “Dinner” turned into a bunch of friends at Allie’s place and drinks flowed from there. I was definitely not thinking about a surprise party since my day had been so slow and full of delays, but it was great to have some friends around. The city never came in to play after that point because it was too far away and I was fine with that.

its written on my face, isnt it?

The decorations were all “30” inspired; my beer mug, shot glass, hat, and a balloon. To top it all off, there was an Optimus Prime balloon as well (since this guy loves his robots in disguise). It was a lot more low key than I had always imagined, but that didnt seem to matter towards the end of the night. It was quite nice to wake up in the AM and be functioning normally. Not that this is a common occurrence or anything.

If I had it my way, I would have skipped the snow, had my Squan friends around, but also some others from the past as well. But in no way can I complain as this was such a good way to start a new chapter in my life. Im officially 30 and its not so bad. I guess it wasnt the end of the world, not that I really thought that it was. I didnt jump off the Brooklyn Bridge either so I believe its all up hill from here except that I am feeling extremely run down from all this holiday/celebrating/bdaying. That’s probably a sign of being old as well huh?

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Its official…

December 28, 2010 3 comments

Jim twins are almost gone, moosetache rando seat mate is gone, blogs over, lifes over.

There will be no further posts here.

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T minus 30 minutes

December 28, 2010 1 comment

my train companions

As you can see this choochoo does indeed have a cafe car that sells booze for bday boys. I almost ended up kissing my delayed train bc I had just purchase a cold refreshing Bud heavy for my wait when I heard the arrival call of our delayed train. I had to run and chug like a hobo. I obviously made the train abs now I sit with some new friends.

I was hoping that my rando seat mate would like to have a rando good time with a stranger on his bday but NOOOO. He gasped when I arrived with the friends i purchased up front and quickly returned to his boring book. I explained it was my 30th bday and he lazily said happy birthday under his breath. He didn’t seem genuine.

Well that’s fine boring suit. I have some new friends to get acquainted with; Jim, Jim, and Ginger. No not the pale freckly kind (Joey Hods), but Ginger the sweet little feisty one that likes to mix it up! Well JJG and I will be over here having a blast. You keep being you. Oh and JJG and I talked while you were in the bathroom, we all agree you need to rethink your facial hair choices. Ratty moosetaches don’t work when trying to make friends OR trying to score hot chicks. Just a heads up mate.

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T minus 2 hours

December 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Sitting on the cold concrete floor inside Penn Station may not be your idea of fun, but for me, the birthday boy, this is amazing. I figure since these liver spots are starting to fester in anticipation for their arrival at 612 or 615, I might as well add some hemorrhoids into the mix. Although that sounds like a viable excuse for my sitting here, it is not. There are two, 2, TWO usable outlets in all of this train station and they are on the ground behind the operations desk. I know this place is old but come on.

Im trying to charge all my gear in case there is no available power source for this mac or miphone. The train just left DC a couple minutes ago and is 35 minutes late in its arrival here so I sit on cold floors waiting for its presence. Another couple of minutes and I am into the bar to buy a bottled import beer for the rails. I guess it is only fitting that I have a drink on the lonely tracks like the hobo/vagabond I am.

Less than 2 hours. yikes…
double yikes is the fact that this floor has turned my butt numb. Time to get up.

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