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turkey eve-eve sheng feng roadtrip extravaganza: busride 2

I cannot wait to eat turkey in two days. I am a fat kid trapped in a little body who just wants to eat a little of this and a little of that 10 times over. I can’t wait for turkey and gravy. I can’t wait for some sweet oily duck. I can’t wait for Snoop Dogg’s Doggstyle to come on my headset at this very moment!!! Wish Kevin was around this weekend instead of being in Korea. He would appreciate this soundtrack of our youth. Digression as another shiny object floats into my mental. I can’t wait to eat green bean casserole. I can’t wait for cranberry/orange zest relish. I can’t wait to eat my 7th grade fruit salad recipe that ensures dentists in the area stay in business. Finally I can’t wait for the newest edition to Tday tradition. Its something that I am surprising everyone with. It’s from the Vietnamese part of me (see validation that I LOVE ASIAN CULTURE!). Ya know that 0.00014% of Vietnamese I have in me. I’m going to experiment with crock pot turkey pho! Probably not even close to what you were thinking but if you follow me as a person or just read this blog, you would see some of my obsession with the pho variety of soup. My stepfather loves pho too so I am going to try to blow his mind with a turkey version. Nick, Michelle and I nailed a chicken pho two nights ago so I know I can make this one tasty. Hopefully my town has some of the asian spices/ingredients I need. My town’s version of asian/Chinese food is General Tso’s and egg rolls. That’s the extent of asian influence in town. It took until I was almost 20 for a second sushi place to infiltrate.

We are just pulling into exit 29 near Cabelas up near Redding, PA. I hope this is just for gas or a drop off and not for them to kick us all off the bus and to return to NYC to put more people on this horror trip. Bee tea dub, it’s a million degrees in here and the joke I told my father is coming to life. This is verified through the family around me yelling “what smells like lo mein in this bitch?” I can’t make this up. It’s a mixture of Chinese food, BO, and foot. It being a million degrees in here doesn’t help because we are just marinating in this funk.

[sigh of relief] It turned out to be a drop off for a couple of people instead of leaving us in the middle of nowhere AND ‘Lodie Dodie’ just came on. One of my faves from Mr. Dogg’s soundtrack. How is it that Snoop put out his best with his first? Lyrical genius. I’ll never get tired of this song or his quips. “I got the Johnson baby powder and Cool Water cologne.” How old school is that? Radtastic!

A new smell has entered the smell palette. It has a sour tinge to it. Kinda like sour milk, but a little musty at the same time. I think these are smells combos that my nose has never experienced before. Maybe this is why they are so poignant. Is that even the right word? Pungent is harsh and in your face. I am hoping that poignant, which I spelled right on the first try, means “pronounced, true to the moment.” I think poignant actually has something to do with punctuality. Lots of P words in this P-aragraph.

24 Nov UPDATE: turns out poi·gnant adj \ˈpȯi-nyənt sometimes ˈpȯi(g)-nənt\ means
1: pungently pervasive (a poignant perfume)
2a (1) : painfully affecting the feelings : piercing (2) : deeply affecting : touching
b : designed to make an impression : cutting (poignant satire)

I have a feeling that we are getting close to Pat Garret country. Don’t ask me how I would figure that out in the pitch dark bus on the pitch dark highway at 2135, but I feel like we are getting close to the home of sheep lined seat covers and jackets. This Pat Garret character obviously markets himself well because I didn’t even see a sign and I recognize his presence in this area. In fact there was the first sign telling me this was PG county. Unreal. I’m psychic!

I think a fart has been added to the mashup of inhalables. It’s too dark to point fingers. It could’ve come from anywhere within a 3 row radius I calculate. I know I can count out two people; me and tiny black gay man next to me. We are clear of the charges, but everyone else in this area should consider themselves on notice. I smell another one of those mofos and I’m raising a ruckus. I figure with this crowd, a “ruckus” is is the right verbiage. It wouldn’t be classified as a “scene” because I feel like I would have to be at Shoney’s with my mom for me to “cause a scene.” I don’t know if that is the dictionary definition of “causing a scene” because did I mention there is no internet on this hoopdy. If there WAS internet on here I would buying some leg room right now from that drop down menu that wasn’t made available to me upon my original purchase. I might even have splurged for some EXTRA leg room just to be fancy, huh.

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