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Review: “Revolver” movie/soundtrack

Revolver was the ski film we saw the other night at the NYC Snow Film Festival in TriBeCa that our boys the Driggs Brothers help to put on. The film was sick and showcased some of the most incredible skiing I have ever seen. Cant say I have ever been compelled to ski, though that’s what I first learned on the mountain (and sucked at it), but this film changed my mind. Skiers CAN be cool, styley, and extreme all at the same time. Who would have guessed? Not this guy. I likened them to dudes that rollerblade aka Fruit-Booters. I just thought they wore inappropriately tight neon ski outfits, but that stereotype has been shattered.

Here are some of the songs from the soundtrack. Not sure what your taste in music is, but I think that if you like fight music, if you like “beats so hard your neck hurts”-type music, if you like bass, these are for you. If you dont like any of that, try it out anyway bc these beats really do evoke emotion. The soundtrack is definitely one of the best this year and plays right into the amazing editing of this film. If you dont feel one of these tracks, I think you need to check your pulse.

For you eardrum’s enjoyment. Listen to these at high volume…
“Break ya neck” mode. Hardest of them all!

To smooth it out some. Tell me you cant picture yourself rolling to this song (RIP 2Pac)

  1. Max
    March 13, 2011 at 17:33

    Here you get a complete list of all songs in Revolver:


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