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Pepper: the world’s most underrated condiment

Think about it. Everyone asks you to “please pass the salt” or “may I have the ketchup/catsup/catchup?” Why is pepper the red-headed Conan O’Brien(ginger) of condiments? Pepper has its own place on the table just like salt, but still plays second fiddle. They are the dynamic duo of condiments, salt and pepper. Paired together to fight bland food with two opposing flavor schemes and ZAP! POW! WHAP! taste right back into your girlfriend-who-isnt-exactly-a-chef”s food. Yet, despite all this, pepper is Robin in this duo. The slightly less muscular, less handsome, less in the cod piece sidekick to salt. Its simply mindbottling.

I don’t think its a racist thing, ya know, the whole white and black deal and it’s definitely no east versus west coast, but I just don’t get why people skimp on pepper. Mind you, all this came to me today while using single-serving pepper (the little paper square full of pepper that you find at fast food joints) to season my Ikea swedish meatballs at my makeshift desk in IAVA.

As I ate those delightful little balls of meat from the Alps all showered in pepper, I thought, “ya know, pepper doesn’t get the credit it deserves in the world of condiments.” Incredibly random I know, but if you ponder for a second, it JUST MAKES SENSE. All I want for you after reading this is to give pepper another shot. You know you see him back there among the condiment tray, hiding in the shadows with his head down mumbling “shucks.” All I’m asking is for you to pick him up the next time bland food comes your way and see if he isn’t more deserved to “spice” up your meals.

I like to fight for the little guy. I like to go out on a limb for those who can’t always fight their own battles. I would like to think I am the first advocate for Pepper’s Rights. I am recruiting people, will you join me?

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