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Its Veteran’s Day!!

I know I wont be able to post at all today since I am helping at the Veterans Day Parade in NYC, but I want to go ahead and say it….

Thanks to all those who I have had the pleasure of serving beside and with. You are truly an inspiration to all of America and to the world. You give up so much to allow me and millions like me, the pursuit of our wildest dreams. Without you this simply would not be possible.

To you, wherever you are on this planet, I say thank you from the depths of my soul, thank you. tonight in NYC at IAVA’s Heroes Gala, I was yet again reminded of what we veterans can do. We are an elite club of people willing to go the extra mile for those in need and for those we will never know. Words cannot express my love for my military comrades, but I have tried either way. I send up a toast to all those who have come before, serve now, and will come after. Thank you to the generations of warriors that paved the way for my friends and I, my brothers and sisters. Thanks to those that are enlisting, thanks to those that now serve. And thanks to those future generations that will take care of this country when I am long gone. Thank a veteran today. Thank them a million times over for the sacrifice he or she has made. Tell them, shake their hands, give them a hug, buy them a drink. Just do something to say thanks to the people that make this incredible way of life possible, the American way of life. The greatest country in the world. Cheers to you.

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