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Veteran’s week (5-11 Nov)

Veteran’s week officially kicked off yesterday and goes through until Veteran’s Day on Nov 11. Here in NYC, we are holding the countries largest parade and I am finally going to be marching in it with IAVA. I have been wanting to go at least watch the NYC parade in the years passed, but painting skateboards got in the way. NOT THIS YEAR!! Nope, this year I will be marching alongside approximately 500 NYC vets and getting to enjoy the festivities. Its been great helping to organize the events around the country and here in NYC. It’s amazing to see the behind the scenes work that goes into something of this magnitude especially when much of IAVA’s work revolves around this week.

I received an email yesterday saying that Joseph Abboud, the suit maker I did some modeling for, would like me to sit at their table along with the other vet models for IAVA’s 4th Annual Heroes Gala. A table goes for $50,000 at this event!! No big deal. I feel truly honored to have been a part of such a great campaign to help veteran’s buy professional attire for their transition into civilian life.

The Gala is being hosted by NBC Nightly News’ own Brian Williams and I’m hearing through the grapevine that the Pittsburgh Steelers former coach, Bill Cowher, will be there. Definitely trying to catch a picture with the Steeler great. I know my stepdad will flip when he hears and hopefully sees this! Not sure who else is going to be there, but I don’t even really care. I’m just happy to have been invited and I am SOOO looking forward for another rare opportunity. I feel like I sounded like a valley girl right there, but I am a little giddy I guess.

Monday comes early for me as I have to be in the city by 0900 to meet up with a banner company that is helping us out with some last-minute alterations for our lead banner. I would that both Monday and Tuesday are going to be long days as the Heroes Gala is on Wed and the parade is on Thurs. The prep work has been exciting even though I have only been working on a small portion. Nonetheless, I love the feeling that I am helping to put on some great events for our local veterans.

I’m feeling anxious already and its only Saturday! This is going to be like Christmas come early I think! WOO HOO! Now to go buy a suit for this event. Thanks Joseph Abboud! So many exclamation points, so little time…

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