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halloween 2010

Whoopie and Snookie!

Since there was no party for us to plan, I actually got to just enjoy one of my favorite days of the year. No stress except for last minute costume shopping, no Chris falling down the stairs 4 times, no cold plates (beer taps) breaking, and no worries. It was nice to have a break from the planning/execution of a night like this and to just go enjoy Halloween for the first time in two years.

I have always loved dressing up for Halloween and have prided myself in making the most out of this day each year. The past two years I have been off my game because being providing THEE party in your town is a hard job to accomplish. But we threw rager

Whoopie sandwich

parties that resulted in many happy Hobokenites and New Yorkers. Running a party on your then-favorite night of the year is not always the smartest thing, but we did raise some money for charity, made a ton of friends, and created a buzz around our parties. All in all it worked out…except for getting 13 stitches in my face from fighting a cokehead. That’s never any good and now I have a cleft lip to show for my efforts. Luckily nothing like that happened this year and we just went out with a good time in mind. I kinda fell into the whoopie cushion costume idea bc it was a last resort, but after embracing the character, I was hooked.

Back for a reunion tour, most of the Squantown crew came up to our block and enjoyed the night inside an old warehouse loft equipped with drinks a flowing and lots of whoopie cushion farts. Sorry mom I know you hate that word, but whoopie cushions dont toot or poot. I successfully ruined every single picture from the night with my fart-face, but that’s what happens

Hands up Whoopie!

when you are in character. I probably should be considered a method actor and if there were Oscars for Halloween night, I should at least get an honorable mention me thinks.

From the pictures here you can see how well the whoopie and I meshed. I actually wore the costume half way home in the morning because I was still excited about the hours before. A couple awkward glances and some pointing changed all that, but at least I had 10 hours in the costume. AND Im sure it will be good to wear for another occasion like maybe my 30th birthday, a bar mitzvah, or on a cruise. Either way, Im positive that there are plenty of other times when a

I ruined all the pics...sorry, Im not sorry!

whoopie cushion would make the whole night better. I relish in the fact that this will happen in the coming days.

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