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hoodledoop is the “official soup of fall”

look how happy they are on the package!

So there is an “official” everything for everything. Coca Cola is official drink of American Idol, Bud Light is the official Beer of tailgating, Matt is the official the man for a good time, Four Loko is the official cause of your pumped stomach. I figured since I have been consuming mass quantities of an amazing soup I was just introduced to, it had to be dubbed the “Official Soup of Fall.”

A couple months back I was given my first taste of Hoo Roo Rook, an MSG-free soup delight of the Ramen category, that is named for the sound made when slurping its noodles. I didnt know how to adequately pronounce the name in my late night haze so I dubbed it “Hoodledoop”. Just like an America. Take something we dont understand or know how to pronounce and rename it for American consumption (which I am not against). I think Hoodledoop has a better ring to it that the original name anyway. JLee hooked me up with my first bowl late one night and since then I have been hooked. So far are its hooks in me that I purchased 5 bags which contain 10 separate servings to equal 25-50 good meals of this souper concoction. I stock piled bc this soup can only be found in Korean markets or the like. With such a limited choice of Korean markets in my area within skating distance and no teleporting capabilities, I did what any white boy with an affinity for asian cuisine would do, buy an absurd amount and speak in a made up Koreanesque language as I prepare and eat.

its that simple

Hoodledoop is amazing right out of the package or makes a great base for any of your soup experiments. I have read about tofu, chicken, and even fish being added. I have heard reports of fresh basil and lemon added to give a more Pho-like appeal. Fresh veges like mushrooms can also be included. I believe Hoodledoop with an egg and some red pepper flakes is the only way to go though. Warm, inviting asian fare with a rich broth made in under 4 minutes cant be beat. Its no Pho, but it is the Kim Jong Ill of packaged soups. No its not a hateful little dictator with coke bottle glasses trying to fling nuclear weapons across the Pacific to America in a tiny single serving package. Its the ruler of Korean style, soups prepared in under 4 minutes. A ruler with a stern hand and an eye for flavor.

If you have an affinity for asian food like I do, I would truly recommend grabbing some of this. Top Ramen is for college dormrats swindling their parents for booze money at places called the “Library” (a great bar in Arizona State that prints out receipts that just say Library on it and a total!).

맛있는, 난 제발 좀 더 가질 수 있습니다

This however, is the pinnacle of the Ramen category, the grown up version. I like to picture my Hoodledoop dressed in a well-tailored suit, walking down Wall Street with some Ray Bans on. All while pointing and laughing at Mr. Top Ramen in his baggy jeans, college hoody, and oversized sandals on the opposite corner. That’s how I think of it and I think you will see what I mean after a couple slurps. Grow up and eat Hoo Roo Rook. Thank you sensei.

  1. November 2, 2010 at 14:24

    so good, slurping is allowed! i’ll look for this in korea. 🙂

    • November 2, 2010 at 14:31

      Im jealous that you two are going there. Im sure you will have many more delectable bowls of stuff that you cant pronounce there that are far better than hoodledoop. Eat up. We need a food adventure soon!

  2. Nancy
    December 2, 2011 at 11:02

    I am eating Hoo Roo Rook as I am reading your post! We love it, and are blessed with a great Korean market close by. It is indeed a good find, and I love the little query, “Who looks, who cooks?” on the package!

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