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halloween 2010

October 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Whoopie and Snookie!

Since there was no party for us to plan, I actually got to just enjoy one of my favorite days of the year. No stress except for last minute costume shopping, no Chris falling down the stairs 4 times, no cold plates (beer taps) breaking, and no worries. It was nice to have a break from the planning/execution of a night like this and to just go enjoy Halloween for the first time in two years.

I have always loved dressing up for Halloween and have prided myself in making the most out of this day each year. The past two years I have been off my game because being providing THEE party in your town is a hard job to accomplish. But we threw rager

Whoopie sandwich

parties that resulted in many happy Hobokenites and New Yorkers. Running a party on your then-favorite night of the year is not always the smartest thing, but we did raise some money for charity, made a ton of friends, and created a buzz around our parties. All in all it worked out…except for getting 13 stitches in my face from fighting a cokehead. That’s never any good and now I have a cleft lip to show for my efforts. Luckily nothing like that happened this year and we just went out with a good time in mind. I kinda fell into the whoopie cushion costume idea bc it was a last resort, but after embracing the character, I was hooked.

Back for a reunion tour, most of the Squantown crew came up to our block and enjoyed the night inside an old warehouse loft equipped with drinks a flowing and lots of whoopie cushion farts. Sorry mom I know you hate that word, but whoopie cushions dont toot or poot. I successfully ruined every single picture from the night with my fart-face, but that’s what happens

Hands up Whoopie!

when you are in character. I probably should be considered a method actor and if there were Oscars for Halloween night, I should at least get an honorable mention me thinks.

From the pictures here you can see how well the whoopie and I meshed. I actually wore the costume half way home in the morning because I was still excited about the hours before. A couple awkward glances and some pointing changed all that, but at least I had 10 hours in the costume. AND Im sure it will be good to wear for another occasion like maybe my 30th birthday, a bar mitzvah, or on a cruise. Either way, Im positive that there are plenty of other times when a

I ruined all the pics...sorry, Im not sorry!

whoopie cushion would make the whole night better. I relish in the fact that this will happen in the coming days.

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hoodledoop is the “official soup of fall”

October 30, 2010 3 comments

look how happy they are on the package!

So there is an “official” everything for everything. Coca Cola is official drink of American Idol, Bud Light is the official Beer of tailgating, Matt is the official the man for a good time, Four Loko is the official cause of your pumped stomach. I figured since I have been consuming mass quantities of an amazing soup I was just introduced to, it had to be dubbed the “Official Soup of Fall.”

A couple months back I was given my first taste of Hoo Roo Rook, an MSG-free soup delight of the Ramen category, that is named for the sound made when slurping its noodles. I didnt know how to adequately pronounce the name in my late night haze so I dubbed it “Hoodledoop”. Just like an America. Take something we dont understand or know how to pronounce and rename it for American consumption (which I am not against). I think Hoodledoop has a better ring to it that the original name anyway. JLee hooked me up with my first bowl late one night and since then I have been hooked. So far are its hooks in me that I purchased 5 bags which contain 10 separate servings to equal 25-50 good meals of this souper concoction. I stock piled bc this soup can only be found in Korean markets or the like. With such a limited choice of Korean markets in my area within skating distance and no teleporting capabilities, I did what any white boy with an affinity for asian cuisine would do, buy an absurd amount and speak in a made up Koreanesque language as I prepare and eat. Read more…


October 29, 2010 1 comment

According to Princeton, Karma is “(Hinduism and Buddhism) the effects of a person’s actions that determine his destiny in his next incarnation.” I dont practice Buddhism or the like, but I do believe that our actions come full circle and that goodness is repaid in some way or another in the future. “Pay it forward” is a phrase that I like to think of in conjunction with Karma because this more accurately describes my approach on everyday interactions with the people I come in contact with.

I cant say when I really adopted this concept or began to truly consider it to be relevant in the world, but its been on my mind a lot more lately in light of recent events. I would have to believe that this behavioral characteristic was planted by my parent’s teachings, grew throughout my life backed by family and schooling, then truly became ingrained in my psyche as a member of the Air Force. The teachings, though in different phases of my life and from different teachers, all suggest the same commonality; “be good, do good.”

It seems to me that people inherently are “good.” To what degree this is true, I cannot say, but I think that it is an innate characteristic of human nature to strive for acceptance and to be liked. I feel that if more people realized this about themselves then the world could be a little better of a place. (Im so idealistic right now. I should be eating granola as I write this.)

This week my small town had to bury one of those truly good people in Patrick Bachtell. One week ago a family lost a loved one and a community lost one of its hardest working, most giving members. After hearing all the stories about Patrick and his nature of giving, it made me think that we should all be so lucky to have people stand up and praise our lives. Hopefully this doesnt have to happen at your funeral or mine for that matter. Maybe if you live right and give unconditionally, people will say this about you while you are around to hear it. When I say “you” Im not pointing fingers, its meant to be everyone; me, you, and all those that would care to read my babble. Read more…

set the record straight

October 27, 2010 1 comment

I found out last night that my mom reads my blogs. I was never sure until that moment. She never comments whether online or in person until last night.

I wrote about some of my other “moms” on mothers day and just wanted to set the record straight. This isn’t for readers or me, it’s for you mom so you know how I feel…

My mom is one of the strongest women I will ever meet. I don’t know what it’s like to make a decision like they did when I was 8, the decision to divorce. How crushing of a blow it must be to fall out of love and then have to figure out how to go on with two kids in tow ALL while making life seem as normal as possible along the way. I know it took a huge toll on my mother and I feel like I heard my mom cry more than any son should. But dont take that crying as a sign of weakness. No, it was merely a woman in the throws of release when the day was just too long. Letting go of a stressful day when she had been working too hard for way to little in return. Read more…

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you can never go home again…

October 26, 2010 8 comments

I have heard this phrase so many times throughout my life. I even feel like I have written about this previously here. I used to believe this phrase and now I remember that I wrote about this same subject when Kevin was leaving for Okinawa Japan. I remember we were trying to rekindle old times, trying to see why people stay in our small towns and we came to the realization that this town is like a black hole. It sucks people in and drains potential.

However over the last two days, I finally saw why these people stayed.

I like to think that I am a worldly person. I like to think that I will have amazing adventures and stories to tell my kids of “this one time in Japan with your Uncle Kevin, we…(its gonna be good I promise)” I like to think that I will see all that the world has to offer in my years to come and I pray that I am blessed with “years to come.” Today I realized that the world has so many things to offer, but that I dont need to take a slow boat to China, I dont need to cross the equator, or bounce around the continents to find them. I realized that I only have to take a short drive down here, down to the where I am from. Down to the place where multiple families raised me and influenced the man that writes this today. I found that all a person really needs can be found in this small community of people that I have grown up with, the people I sprayed with hoses or continue to pick on years later. Its in the people you dont talk to for years bc we get caught up, yet somehow you pick up right where you left off. Its in the people you cant stand sometimes bc they are like you in so many ways. There are no pyramids here, no Coliseum, no great wonders of the world. Even without these monuments, there is history, “our” history. The history that we made, the one that matters to us and lives on in the memories I relived today. Its in the hugs, the laughter, the voices, and the tears of a community who lost a great man. Read more…