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squan to NYC for ESPN with IAVA (I like acronyms)

Monday was a good lazy day as the weather was shat with overcast skies, wind, and big overhead waves. Since there was no chance to get into the water, I watched a Fantasy Factory marathon, went food shopping, did some studying, took a nap, and just had a chill day in general. I ventured up to Red Bank to have dinner with a friend, chat a little, compare hip-hop “it” songs of the moment, let her roommates cat out by accident, and then drive right back to Manasquan after.

I had just picked up the horror movie remake, the Crazies, from the local Red Box and was good to call it a night when my phone rang from a number I didn’t recognize. I answered and found that it was Cara Hammer, member of NYC’s local IAVA office. I had forgotten to fax my W9 for the Abboud shoot so I thought she was calling me as a reminder, but I was greeted with an invite instead. She asked if I was free to got to CT tomorrow, which is now today (Tuesday) as I have slept and am now on a train to Penn Station. She said they had a last-minute invite to the Bristol, CT compound that houses ESPN and we would be meeting Dana White, the President/brainchild behind all that the UFC is today. He’s actually an incredible story in himself as he took what was a washed up brawling league with no rules into the estimated $2 billion monstrosity that the UFC is today. Rags to riches stories just amaze me.

Time stamps will help in describing my day. All of this is written as it happened.

0818 – I am now on a train to Penn Station, then cabbing over to the IAVA HQ at 292 Madison for our 1030 departure. I think as soon as I really wake up, I will be truly in awe of the opportunity I am about to embark on. I don’t even know exactly what this is for, but I know there is only 6 people going and I am one. Thanks IAVA, I can’t wait to see how this day turns out. Pulling into Long Branch for my connection train now.

0902 – “I can’t wait to see how this day turns out”…infamous last words. Why do I open my big mouth and jinx myself half the time? As you can see from the time stamp I have been stuck at the train station for the last 45 minutes and I am still an hour and some change from getting into NYC by rail. The train service is restored with a 90 minute delay which would put me into Penn Station around 1200, an hour and a half late for my 1030 departure to a good time.

0922 – NJ Transhit finally assembled a bus to go to NYC just this second, nearly 2 hours after they knew the northeast corridor was experiencing electrical problems. I’m still stuck in Long Branch running a local bus route until we get to the edge of town, I hope, and then a straight shot to NYC, I think. I cant wait to see how this day turns out…FML.

0939 – we are in Middletown NJ still running this damn local route. At this rate I will still make it to NYC an hour after my ride leaves for CT. I cannot believe that this is how the day is going to go after it started with such anticipation. I’m getting to see more of Jersey than I have in a long time, but I would trade all this site seeing to just get our asses into NYC so I can go hang out with people cooler than me. According to my iPhone, we are still 36.0 miles from NYC with an estimated time of travel at an hour and 4 minutes. Yeah that would put me at 20 minutes after they leave from IAVA HQ. Sa-wheat. I was supposed to be there a Penn Station in one minute. I mean right now.

0946 – I need to get back on this wormhole technology so I can slide from place to place through rifts in the time space continuum and let the “travel” to all you suckers without wormhole technology. FMFL

1032 – 2 minutes late to be at the IAVA office. I have called to leave messages and talked to Anthony over there but do not have a firm time on when they are leaving. I am in the Lincoln Tunnel right now on my way to the port authority with the hopes that I can grab a cabby willing to pull some stunt driving shit to get me where I need to go. Hopefully they wanted us there at 1030 for a brief on the day or something and they are leaving around 11. I am of course making all of this up so I feel better about being in the tunnel to the city and being over an hour later than I had planned. Once again, I feel like God doesn’t want me to succeed sometimes and likes to laugh at me.

1037 – I just received a text saying that they aren’t leaving until 11! I now have 23 minutes to get out of this godforsaken tunnel, to the port authority, in a cab and make it 10 blocks/2 aves to Madison. “So youre telling me there’s a chance.” (Chris Farley as Tommy Callahan.)

1040 – out of the tunnel, just blocks from Port Authority. Still stuck in dead stop traffic. How do people do this everyday? I would have to replace my steering wheel every week for beating my head into it. Mass transit isn’t any better obviously. I cant even count on the whole of my phalanges (fingers and toes) the amount of times I have been screwed out of a good time because of NJ Transhit. I hope to not add this one to the list.

1045 – in the port authority! Could this happen, could it be? Please don’t jinx myself. Just let me off this damned bus so I can make it or not make it on my own.

1105 BAM! In a cab and over to meet Cara Hammer of IAVA. It is O-FISH-AL, I’m on the bus to CT. What a morning of ups and downs. I thought I was going to crap myself if I missed this chance. I cant even say I really know what Im doing today, but its going to be the following: 1) super, 2) sweet, and 3) super sweet.

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