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IAVA to Bristol, home of ESPN

Diddy style in the 'Lade

1306 – and we’re a blacked Escalade like Diddy on our way to ESPN studios to watch the taping of SportsNation (SN) where Dana White is being interviewed. Originally I thought this might have something to do with the Ultimate Fighter, but instead, and just as awesome, we are going to be in the audience for a live taping of SN. Pretty sick to be a part of this and to be considered a person that represents IAVA well. I like being considered for a short list of good people. Thanks IAVA.

On the way up, Katie showed me comp sheet (draft) of the JC Penney/Joseph Abboud shoot and I happened to see that I look pretty ridiculous on several accounts. There’s nothing I can do about it and that’s pretty much the epitome of my personality anyway I guess. Let it ride. The mailer looks great and comes out on 30 Sept with the full campaign starting up on 8 Oct. Hopefully we get to do something more with the official launch of the campaign. Everyone’s going to get a laugh out of me for sure.

1415 – We pull into Bristol, the Home of ESPN, and really

O Fish Shall, sweet.

nothing else but it seems to work. We run to a gas station for some quick turkey sandwich break out the back of the ‘Lade then onto ESPN HQ. Once at ESPN, we meet with the man behind SportsNation, Jamie Horowitz, a friend of IAVA. Jamie shows us through some of the campus and gives us insight to ESPN’s origin in Bristol. In the studio we are surprised to see “The Most Interesting Man in the World” who is there for promo spots of the show we are sitting in on. The buzz around this guy was unreal. Apparently Bob Lee was even excited and that guy has met and interviewed every major sports figure in modern sports.

Mr. White

The hosts of SportsNation greet us before they go on with the taping and everyone involved in the production is rowdy/excited for today’s show. I have watched SN a couple of times previously but never really noticed how the live audience interacts with the cast. We were allowed to shout out answers and soundbites all throughout the taping. I tend to be a loud mouth sometimes, so I made sure to throw in my two pennies when I could.

Dana White came in for a segment to discuss the UFC fight that is coming up this weekend in Boston, the first UFC fight there in Mass. Since this was a huge occasion, White had been doing his rounds through the other ESPN shows as well so we only got a few minutes of his time, but he seemed interested in what we had to say about IAVA. Many of his fighters are veterans and the whole military community flocks to the fight culture of UFC because combat is in their blood. Kenny Florian, fighting this weekend, is an IAVA supporter and several members of the IAVA office are going to this historic event in Boston. I’m pretty jealous right now.

The Most Interesting People at SportsNation

The taping was great, the meet up went well, and we even got our faces into the live airing of SN. I actually received 9 or 10 texts from friends saying they saw us, ha! After the taping, we packed up the ‘Lade and rolled into dead stop traffic so instead of sitting there we decided on a trip to Friendly’s. When’s the last time you ate there? For me its been since I was a kid. While eating we were greeted by Rocky the Rock Cat, a local baseball mascot, and were thanked for what being veterans by a sweet ol lady. Thanks grandma for appreciating us, its nice to hear every now and then.

Traffic was a breeze the rest of the way back

I couldnt believe this, but it looks like heaven

to NYC and once in the city we parted ways. They went back to the office and I decided to see Grand Central Station for the first time. 3 years of living here and I had never been through this magnificent place. What else am I missing out on in this city. I took the 6 to Union Square, hopped the L to Bedford and to the Rose, right across from Bustin Brooklyn, to surprise some friends.

It was a surprise party for my brother from a different mother, Solomon, NYC Longboarding legend. It was great to see all those smiling faces of the crew that helped me grow up in the NYC life. The Davenports, Jenica, Nat 2 Legit, Melodic, and of course Sol. We picked up like we always do, like we never left. Its been months since I had seen these people so I’m glad I just felt spontaneous and came through BK to see them.

I left sometime after midnight and rode the L back into the city with Steve. As I came up from the subway it was misting out, not hard enough to be annoying, just enough to make you appreciate the entire day’s experiences. I walked the 4 blocks to the Path train, rode it under the

I wanted to lay down and take it all in

Hudson, and was greeted by something I had experienced before as I came out of the train stop. I turned the corner at Starbucks walking towards my place and was smacked with a fresh-baked cinnamonny fragrance that was thick in the air. The Cake Boss was at it again baking delectables for all those fools that will wait in line for a cannoli or lobster tail, Kelly’s favorite (RIP). I had to smile as I remembered her face the last time she had one and just the feeling of the day hitting me.

Once home, I took notes so as not forget the details, but fell asleep on the computer. I woke up a little later with a keyboard print on my arm and dangerously close to drooling into my hard drive. Shut it down and back to sleep. Nothing can top this day right now.

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