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review: the other guys

Starring Will Ferrell and Marky Mark Walberg, Samuel L Jackson, and The Rock

There are no spoilers in this review.

I went into this movie not expecting much, but hoping that it would live up to Will Ferrell’s previous film successes. This was no Old School, but needless to say I teared up on several occasions from the outrageous ramblings and events of this movie. Ill go ahead and claim this as another Adam McKay hit, writer of Anchorman.

The story is about two desk jockey cops that are unexpectedly thrust into the lime light after a series of bazaar events shocks the New York Police Department. Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell) a mild-mannered accountant who is forever running from his past, but is married to an out-of-his-league Allstar played by Eva Mendez. Terry Hoitz (Mark Walberg) is a true jock cop that had been previously assigned to detective work until one fatal mistake landed him a lifetime desk job. An easy role for Marky to fall into. These two characters are absolute opposites in the movie and play well as a protagonist tandem. Allen Gamble is content being in the background and handling the “real” police duty, paperwork while boisterous Terry Hoitz is a “peacock who just wants to fly.”

Without giving anything away, the action is outrageous, but the dialogue is what really makes this movie memorable. Hoitz’s quips are often scene-stealers as he rattles off degrading comment after slanderous slurr to Gamble. Gamble’s rants, reminiscent of some of Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die sketches, are gut wrenching at times and I found myself wiping my eyes throughout the film.

Scenes to watch out for:
the Tuna v. Lion tirade
Allen Gamble’s alter-ego, Gator, makes his appearances
The funeral scene

These couple of scenes are so off the wall and unexpected that it gives the movie somewhat of a Family Guy feel. You know, that unexpected flashback that has nothing to do with anything, but has everything to do with something kind of thing. And the neverending stretch of a joke that seems to never end thing. Yeah, if you watch Family guy, you know what Im talking about.

All in all, the entire Squan lifeguard crew agrees that this is a must see for those that like the comedic stylings of Adam McKay and Will Ferrell. Don’t go into this putting the movie on a pedestal, go in expecting a laugh and some outrageous surprises. With this in mind, I’m positive you will leave the theater bloated on pretzel bites and nacho cheese, oh and talking about this movie the entire way home.

A funny random fact that no one knows unless you were in NYC last Oct for the Broadway Bomb….

This is the Will Ferrell movie they were filming in Wall Street near the Bull when we were finishing the race. If you look in the background as they are trying to talk a man off the ledge, you can see skaters finishing the race. Pretty interesting to those of us that skate NYC on the reg.

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