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precision driving

As you may have read, I am hoping to get cast for a bit part, extra part, any part in the latest installment of the Transformers series. To do this, I need some good head shots to be taken (if that’s even possible with this mug of mine) and I need to make an impression. At the bottom of the casting email they ask for a precision driving skills resume if available. Since I feel like I handle a car well AND I love speeding (as evidenced in my 10+ speeding tickets since I received my license), I have researched some driving schools on the east coast and will be enrolling in the near future. There are several around the tri-state area and none are that expensive. The casting date is still to be determined but I know its within the next month or so. This means I have to get on my horse to make this happen. Hopefully I can get 2-3 of these under my belt and submitted in time to make the casting cut. I assume this is the last movie they are going to make in the series before killing it off so this is my LAST chance to make good on the promise that I would be in a Transformers movie.

If anyone has connections that they would like to extend so that I can make this dream come true, feel free to contact me or send them to this blog so they can see how weird I am. Weird is sexy and sexy gets casted. Hook me up!

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