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beach naps

I made a discovery today that really has me excited…beach naps. They are amazing.

I dont sleep pretty, this is referenced in Nork to Phx (27July2010). So needless to say, I do not sleep in public too often, but today I popped on some tunes and decided to rest the ol eyes for a second. By the time I realized I had napped, I had blasted through all of Eminem’s the Slim Shady LP. I know, not your typical relaxing music to sleep to, but his screaming rants and hard, Dre derived beats seemed appropriate at the time. I woke up when the music stopped, looked around and the beach was nearly empty except for my friend and I.

I cant sleep at night without some sort of noise so the ocean and those tunes really put me out. I even have an app on my iPhone so I can turn up the sounds of waves at night. Its called WhiteNoise. I couldnt sleep without this app or a fan blowing.

The nap did me well and introduced me to the sweet life of a real beach bum. I dont mean surfers, I mean those bums I see collecting cans on Mission Beach in San Diego. I think today, I officially earned my status, without being smelly and gross. Thank you Post 9/11 GI Bill. This is a dream come true.

beach naps
sandy naps or snaps

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