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jet lagged

here is what 429a looks like and I dont really dig it right now unless Im doing backflips in a hotel lobby with friends. This is not the case.

I took off from LAX at 745p last night and made it into a 100 degree Las Vegas at 900p. With 2.5 hours to kill in the airport for my layover I decided is was best to skate. I wish that I had video on my iPhone, i need to upgrade soon to capture the last 4 months of my 20s, because I was killing a section of the world that most likely had never been skated before. Pristine tile floors just begging to be skated and I obliged. I was in terminal D of Vegas’ McCarren Airport and there really werent that many people to be seen. A couple hundred here and there, but all on their way out and into Sin City to search for strippers and co-caine. Or just to vacation.

Wish I had one day here to make this phrase count

I skated all three sections of terminal D and didnt even catch a second look from security as I flew by. I mean this is an absolutely surreal scene to be ducking and weaving through recent flyers and degenerate gamblers without getting yelled at. I had some kids clapping as I screamed through, turned around and offered them a chance to ride, but moms put the kabash on that with a quickness, so I skated on. I skated until my nose lead me to a cinnabon, something that I havent had in probably years. Technically I was still on vacay at that time, so why not enjoy the ooey gooey drizzly cinnamony goodness of 200,000,076 calories. It was better than I remembered. I shouldve grabbed a second one for the road.

the way to my heart? see above

To waste some more time, I got into my first iChat with Julie and Allie who kept me busy until it was time to board. Window seat 29f, though it wasnt luscious 19f it would do, and 4.5 hours until I was back to the right coast. I slept most of the way and nothing really eventful happened except some douche trying to make a scene about there being a skateboard in the overhead compartment. He yells out in a sarcastic tone, “Ok who’s the idiot putting a skateboard in the overhead huh?” My voice crackles from my long week of partying at the X Games and I reply, “I guess Im that idiot that brought it out here for the X Games. Grab it down and Ill deal with it so you can put your purple bag in that spot, thanks.” Some kids next to me chuckled, he had no idea what to say, turned red, stuffed his purple bag under my board and shut the overhead compartment. Slink back to your seat pansy, you just got clowned and I didnt even have to stand up.

After that it was lights out for me. I logged some hours snoring, woke up for a drink of water to quench my dry mouth and then right back into drool time. I woke up

see ya strip, wish we got to play more, love matt

about 20 minutes outside Newark and watched the sunrise. We touched down in an 80 degree, 80% humidity Newark(ill take 100 in Vegas rather than this shit) at 645a and I ended up in my bed after an argument with the cabbie, which I know I got scammed on a $7 tip but I didnt want to knock anyone out this early in the morning, around 830a. I planned on sleeping 2 hours and then getting up for the day. I blinked my eyes open at 1115 and then finally crawled out of bed at 124p. gross.

That left me with 4 hours until class and a 1700 word paper to finish. So I logged onto Facebook and threw out some quips, did some

cranes not white bikini clad beaches, I must be in Nork, home

shopping online, read a couple articles, wrote in here, and then decided with an hour to go to start writing my paper. Finished my paper, rolled to school, learned some stuff, skated to Liams, watched the Losers over Cluck U and Michelob Lights, skated home, grabbed milk, watch the SyFy original movie Infestation about bugs taking over a community, threw in an iChat with those crazy squan girls, crawled into bed, and now cant sleep.

Jet lagged to say the least. I know staying up until 530a every night in LA is acceptable but not here. That would put me at 830a eastern standard time. Cant let that happen. Wish me luck, Im going in.

Oh, yeah. Got a phone call from Veterans Affairs to answer questions about my health both mental and physical and was tested positive for PTSD symptoms over the phone. Needless to say, that was not the highlight of my night. Now I have to set up a mandatory appointment with a “mental health consultant” next week. Not excited. Hopefully I can sleep it off. Wake up and its all a bad dream maybe, oh wait, that’s kinda normal, not really.

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