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x games: day 2, 2100

a place of greatness

We are back at the hotel now and finally got to crack a beer with the crew. It’s nice to sit down for a while in some AC on my bed and just relax. Today was really chock full of work and it was a lot of running around so I am kind of beat again. That’s what happens when you are old balls I guess.

We had Adaptive Moto X practice and seeding today so we were out in the sun and on the track for majority of the day. I can’t really complain because this is one of my favorite parts of coming out here to X. Getting to hang on the track that these super athletes flip, whip, and soar on is just incredible to me. To top it off we are in the Coliseum, the home of the 1932 and 1984 Olympics, and to USC football. I am standing in a place of true greatness and its something that I will always cherish. I couldn’t help but think about this all day long as I looked around the place. Every time I was feeling the heat or sneezing from the heavy dust, all I could really go back to was the immense amount of history that has occurred in the place where I now stand. DOPE.

daniel looking up at women's moto start

We were on track for a couple of practice sessions with Adaptive and even got to stay on for both the mens and women’s runs. Its nuts to feel the throttle in your chest as these guys and gals rip over triples and through the whoop sections. To smell the exhaust and inhale the dust is just something that takes me back to my time on the track at the last couple of X games and even back to Tucson when Cody, Tony and Doyle ripped around in the desert. Just a hell of a good time.

I got a little sunburned, I am not sure how that even happens when I spend a lot of my day on the beach in NJ. Weird, but true. My four-and-a-half-head is not doing so hot. Tomorrow will be a hat day.

As the sun dropped below the horizon, Koeppe and I watched practice on the MegaRamp and shot the shiz. Skaters and BMXers all hitting the 50-70 foot gap and then rolling into a quarter pipe that is three stories tall. How insane would it be to post up on a 100+ foot drop, roll in on a board and 4 little wheels, hit a 70 foot gap, land it!, then roll into the quarter pipe then fly 20-25 feet out of the pipe and then land that trick! Its unreal to think that people stand up there and actually go through with it.

This is what happens when you don’t land the mega ramp trick…

adaptive moto start

All the big names were there except for Danny Way, the inventor of the MegaRamp, who opted out of the competition but is commentating on the portion of the sport he invented. Bob Burnquist, PLG, and the like are all rolling into this jump like it’s no sweat. I wish we would have stayed for a little longer to see the results and to know who is going to be in the finals, but the shade was actually chilly enough for me to throw on the hoodie and we needed to get out of dodge for the night.

I’m glad to be in my bed now, early, with no plans. I am thinking that this is where I am going to stay. I hope to get some Zs in finally, get accustomed to the LA time zone and then kill it the rest of the week. The parties are going to be INcredIBLE the rest of our time here, especially on Sunday as the X games wrap up. Its going to be a long, hard week, ha yeah right. It will be that type of self-inflicted pain that will only end up with a really great story like when we ate bugs out of a hotel vending machine here two years ago or almost had to beat the shit out of Coolio. Yeah you read that right, two white kids almost had

megaramp inside the moto track

to send Coolio on a Fantastic Voyage. I’ve even got that on video. I definitely need to break that out for all to see.

I’m thinking about retiring, or maybe I will have “one more beer.” I guess we will see how it ends up tomorrow…

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