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x games: day 2, 0931

Nate Adams and Twitch

Ive got two other posts to put out about my trip here, but the internet in the room is $11 a day. Call me cheap but that’s almost $100 for internet a week. Ill make sure to get it out later today, when I have to get into some homework (sh!t). Who does homework at X games, not the athletes or too many other people because they have jobs. Nope, its this guy.

Last night was pretty laid back after a hectic day of inprocessing the Adaptive athletes. We just grabbed a quick bite from the athlete lounge then headed back towards the hotel. Koeppe, J-Bird, Daniel, and I rolled to the gas station for some brewhas and then back to the hotel for the night. It was a good way to get geared up for the rest of the week. Just hanging in the hotel rooms with a Sparxx (the world’s greatest energy drink), some Bud heavies, and Tecates. It was good to reconnect with the AAS crew and to see how things are changing for the organization.

Amy showed us all the swag and other free stuff that she

Robbie Maddison

was able to get from Element and Vans, and was so excited about her latest shopping spree. A girl’s dream right, to be able to walk into a store and to pick anything she wants for her 10 friends. Pretty sick way to roll.

We talked more about where the organization is heading and what we are expecting from this year’s X Games. A couple more beers in the room and I was fading fast. 10pm here means that it is 1am in my body and no sleep after a horrendous flight is really taking its toll on me. Im in and out of sleep as we chat, but finally call it for the night…that’s what I thought. Everyone else was going to the hotel bar for “one more drink” and I headed to the room. I got undressed and then realized that I only get a week with these characters so I needed to sack up. Something that my friends can attest to, I do very well. Put on some comfy clothes and hit the hotel lobby. The scene was pretty laid back and it was more of the same from the room. Just talking about expectations for this week and then catching up with each other. Im really glad I took the extra time and even though I am tired right

Ashley Fiolek and Red Bull film team

now, it was a sound decision.

Now we are back at the Coliseum, the home of the 1932 Olympiad and USC football, doing athlete inprocessing. I have seen some big names come through like Nate Adams, Rick Thorne, Robbie Maddison, Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, and deaf female moto superstar Ashley Fiolek. I just checked in two time gold medal winner Chris Ridgway and am awaiting the final couple of athletes before our on track meeting at noon to go over race protocol. Ken Block is supposed to be checking in sometime soon as well. Pretty stoked about that right now.

Daniel’s over at the Staples Center wtih J-bird and Koeppe’s running around in the pits. I am a one man wolf pack right now and I am so stoked to get out on the track today with these riders.

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