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Phx to LAX (27July2010)

Amare Stoudamire of the NY Knicks

Got into the airport in Phoenix and feeling like I should be taking a flight into Tucson or at least meeting up with my crew from AZ. That’s not the case this time and I can handle it, though it sucks to be so close yet so far away.

Ill be able to handle because 1) The devil has seen it fit to let me be after the torture of the previous flight, 2) Im flying to LAX for the X GAMES!!, and 3) one of my favorite basketball players is on my flight, Amare Stoudarmire. Formally of the Phoenix Suns and now with the New York Knikerbockers, I am so stoked to see this dude in action especially if NY gets Carmelo and Chris Paul in the next two years. Big three in Miami, yes, but this could be the new Lakers v Celtics rivalry of old. I hope this actually goes down because this would be the most exciting basketball since the Bird, Johnson, Jordan era.

Downtown Phoenix

Besides feeling like a kid about Amare riding on my flight, I was ready to see what this week has to offer in LA. A quick, uneventful 55 minute flight from Phx to LAX and once on the ground I can feel the electricity in the air. I saw a couple other action athletes picking up bags at baggage and knew this is where I was supposed to be. This was only reinforced as we pulled up to the Sheraton Gateway LAX. As I rolled in with my board and Ogio all over print bags, people whispered and I saw cameras rolling already. Inside, the X Games vibe is amplified. Amplified because this Sheraton is one of the official hotels of the X games this year!!

The Games are printed on everything from posters in and around the lobby, flyers littered throughout and even the keys say that this is official, WE (AAS), are official! I checked into my room and immediately smiled the biggest grin I have put down in months. I set up my stuff, unpacked, showered and decided to write a quick diddy while it was fresh in my mind.

my home for the next week, overlooks LAX!

I blast texted all of my LA friends that I was on the left coast and both Amy and Daniel of AAS hit me up immediately. This is exciting and I haven’t even seen anyone besides Koeppe yet. Amy is currently at Element Skateboards HQ picking up gear for us and already had been to Vans grabbing everything she couls grab off the shelves for the AAS crew. She said it was the most amazing shopping spree she had ever been on. I definitely got a kick out of that and thought about what it must be like for a little action-fashionista like Amy to be able to go nuts in a place like that. Hell, I would go crazy for that chance.

Iconic LAX

Im hoping to get out to both Element and La Jolla Group while Im out here. I haven’t been shopping for myself in a long time and I have budgeted $500 to go nutso. If I get into La Jolla again, that should buy me $1500 in clothes at 75% off right. I need someone to help me with that math, ha. Pray for me, I need to get a new wardrobe.

Daniels on his way back from Home Depot Center right now to pick up everyone that is already here. Not sure who all is here yet, but I cant wait to see these guys again. This week is going to be unreal to say the least. All Access, all credential mayhem is what Im counting on. My phones ringing, gotta go!

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