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Going going back back to cali cali

Got back into Hoboken around midnight last night and for the life of me I could not get to sleep. Too much anxiousness and a couple late night phone calls put the final tally on beauty rest at a wopping 2.5 hrs. I found out last night that my Uncle Ricky passed away and that an engagement has been broken off. Great way to start my journey to the west side. To top it off, I have a pebble in my iPhones headphone jack from the beach yesterday. No musica en este vuelo. I think vuelo means flight, I should know that.

I left a rent check for Nick to mail out and also a check to the tune of $20 for boogers (ha, I owed him 20, but thought it would be funny if he cashed a check for boogers. Delirious at 0200 this morning) Caught a cab at 0440, dunkin keeps the world running at 0450, and thru security by 0524 just in time to watch the sun rise over NYC.

Boarding my plane to Phoenix in 5 minutes and looking forward to putting down some Zs. I gotta get my times straight so I can party it up out in the land of celebs, cocaine, rehab, and repeat. Can’t wait to see the Adaptive crew, my high school/rockstar buddy Sean, and the Berger clan (Shane, Red Brother, and Knockers).

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  1. Yii
    July 27, 2010 at 08:39

    word. we’ve all been there.

    sorry about uncle ricky.

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