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review: inception

If you are into the Dark Knight, the Matrix, or anything even close to this vein of cinema, “Inception” may just blow you away. I remember seeing a preview for this movie sometime back in the winter and I had been jazzed up since then. The hype surrounding the movie really helped to put it over the top for me. I like the build up that some of these movies have and the praise and excitement they garner before ever being released to the public. This is one of those movies that generated buzz and steamrolled into theaters.

"Abe's Inception - the truth behind the Emancipation Proclamation"I went to see this Monday with some friends from ‘Squan and was absolutely blown away. I grabbed some pretzel bites and nacho cheese walking through the door and was ready to have my mind fried. By the way, I had almost 25 pretzel bites in my basket, that’s a lot of pretzelly goodness from a movie theater! I actually finished half before the movie started. Im a fatty, I know it, I embrace it.

Im white knuckling the arm rest with my cheesy fingers as the movie breaks into its first scene and from there time fades away. Previews and trailers let you scratch the surface of what this movie is about, but you couldnt possibly gather the scope of this film until you finally come up for air when it fades to black. The premise is this (no spoiler here, this is all on the trailer you just saw), Leo possesses the technology to slip into someone’s dreams, manipulate them, and steal their secrets…all for a price. He is asked to do a job and the movie revolves around this request and its execution.

The fact that more than half this movie is set in a dream state is incredible to me because in these dreams, the laws of the real world do not apply. You saw the fight scene as they float through the hallway! Well its a long fight scene and full of effects that I dont think have ever been captured on film before. The effects definitely play a huge role in this film, but I would have to saw that the storyline is by far the leading lady and “Oh what a sexy beast she is.” The depth of creativity put into writing this screenplay is utterly mindblowing. It plays on so many levels of the mind, but does not lose the audience. Every time the viewer starts fading into confusion, the movie sends you an update and lures you right back into its grip. The timelines are what impressed me the most. Its a surreal concept to think about now, but it seems effortless and fluid, like it could happen and you wouldnt second guess it. You will see what I mean once you purchase your ticket and get your face melted off.

ADVISORY: Your face can/may/will melt off during the viewing of this movie. Please bring your own bucket and/or wiping/scraping utensil to clean your face off your crotch/floor. Theater staff are not responsible for chiseling your fach off the gum riddled cement. Thank you for your compliance, AMC theaters. (I, in no way represent AMC or their subsidiaries. I was only making a funny observation about how insanely twisted this movie is and that I felt like my face could come off at any second. Please enjoy this movie without fear of melting faces. It was only a visual analogy of this movie’s supreme-rad-tasticness.)

Leo’s performance is outstanding once again. His roles keep getting better and I am beginning to believe he is the greatest actor of our generation. Yeah I might be “a little gay for Leo” (that’s a great T shirt by the way), but he commands in the roles he plays and really helps to propel other actors and actresses to greatness. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page, of Juno fame, really come to life in these characters. Both give performances that lead me to believe they are a part of the next crop in movie stars.

Besides the cast, the score to this movie adds exponential feeling. Its epic in its grandeur and as I listen to it now, while writing this, its unmistakably filled with tension and angst. Listening to the build up of the score really gets my heart pumping again and I am not even watching anything. Im simply sitting in my bed, writing this blog and feeling like something is about to happen outside my window. Its as if the producers of the score have somehow taken the anxiety of the movie and injected it into a brain difusing audio format that actually creates adrenaline to burn through your veins. I cant make this stuff up folks, these are the feelings I have right now. It was only compounded in the theater with the scenery and the curveballs that Christopher Nolan throws at the audience. Cheesy fingers clutching the arm rest with a vice grip that left my hands sore after leaving the theater, priceless.

That is how it all happened for me. Go make it happen for you. Bring your imagination, let the movie draw you in, and absorb the dream state you are entering. Take notice to the scenery, the character building, the music and sounds tucked behind the scenes. Be entertained and let your mind go. Bring your bucket, spatula, and wet naps for your melty face and have a mind f&*# to the fourth level. The ending to this movie will go down in cinema history as one of the greatest of all time, possibly top ten. Quote me here.

Check out the site, Inception, and play around in their dream world for a bit. Absorb the music and you’ll see what I mean.

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