six flags

El Toro. See the green structure in the back sitting 4 times as high, that's Kingda Ka!

Yesterday I got roped into a random adventure, a “great” adventure. Like to hear about, well here it goes…

Crap weather outside with intermittent clouds and rain, though the water was warm, I couldnt stand to be at the beach. I know, I have a horrible life. It just felt like a fall day and the fact that it’s already almost August kills me so I couldnt let that feeling linger. I rolled back to the house and finished up some more homework, but quickly grew tired of that since I had worked almost 9 hours on Monday to finish up my management class. This could wait, but what the hell else was there for me to do with everyone working?

Luckily I texted a friend the word “bored” and within minutes we were off to Six Flags! Spontaneous and random. Two things I love.

I haven’t had any heart pumping adrenaline kicks since forever so I was thrilled to be heading to the park. I think the last time I did anything truly crazy was skydiving in Oahu four years back. I don’t recall any roller coasters, bungie, or the like other than that.

Hoagiefest T Shirts?!?! I cant get enough of these $2.99 treats!

I’m completely antsy as we walk into the park. Butterflies as I see the mecca of coasters staring down at me, Kingda Ka. The entire park sits in the shadow of this behemoth and all I can think of is how incredible this ride is going to be. We ended up getting to the park after 4pm so I only had to pay $20 but decided to splurge on a season pass or $58.64 instead. Why not right? It’s 30 minutes from squan and Im smart enough to know that five hours in this park isn’t going to quelch the adrenaline junkie in me. The pass pays for itself the next time I go, but I might pull once a week there for the remainder of the summer. Yes, it was that damned good!

Superman was closed so on to one of the oldest wooden coasters they have. Rolling Thunder was its name and it was a good way to jump off the day. Then we walked next door to “El Toro” which apparently is the fastest wooden coaster in the world, nice. A wait of 45 min and we finally get to board. I definitely got butterflies on the first drop because it was so severe that I thought I was coming out of my seat for sure. The series of seven gradual drops after that were just as thrilling and got my heart pumping like I hadnt felt in way too long.

El Toro provided me with some jitters, but I could not slow the anticipation of the one coaster that looms over the entire park, Kingda Ka. I mean, no matter where you are in the park, this coaster rises 4 times higher than it’s nearest competitor at Six Flags. I can’t help but stare in wonderment and let the anxiousness creep in.

clean shaven = twin, goatee = evil twin

I break my gaze from the giant monster and concentrate on Bizarro, formally named Medusa. This coaster is based off of the character from the Superman series. Basically a more pale, twisted, mutiple personality type version of the caped crusader (or is that batmans nickname?). Well I’m talking about the dude from Krypton, Mr. Man, Mr. Super Man. It’s his evil twin dressed in deep purple and minus the obligatory evil goatee that normal evil twins have. Like in south park with Cartman’s evil twin who actually turns out to be nice because Cartman is already evil.

This ride, like the character it plays off of, is a twisted, loopy coaster that is right up my alley. About a 30 min line and we are in. Luckily we have been hitting lines just at the tight time before people start piling up. The line twisted all the way out to the hour mark just minutes after we got in. Timing. We strap in to the purple and yellow seats and set off into the mangle of steel rails. 7 loops, too many twists to count, some misters with cool water and a lot of Gs. Best coaster of the day so far but I can’t help my eyes looking towards to sky to see the pinnacle of coasters. It’s like it’s calling me or something. A drug addiction and I’m in withdrawl without ever experiencing it first. That’s some powerful shit and I wish I could bottle it.

We finally decide to venture over to this masterpiece of speed only to find out that it is broken. People are bitching and complaining all over the place, leaving the line, burrating the poor attendant responsible for bringing the bad news to the masses; it was just dissappointing really. We decided to wait it out though because two of us had never ridden this roller coaster before. The agreed upon 15 minutes turned into 7 more, then 10 more and we were all getting grumpy from not eating. When my sugar gets low, you better feed me or I turn into a teenager on her period. It is NOT pretty folks. Magically, the ride reopens and we push our way to through the line. We only had to wait 15 minutes to get up to the platform and then another 10 to get those coveted front seats.

I was nervous, anxious, excited, jittery, jubilant, ecstatic, joyous, pumped, and anxious. I already said anxious but that is the one feeling that was definitely in control at this point. All of these feelings and we hadnt even stepped foot onto the coaster yet. We watched the kids in front of us soar through the air and come back with ecstasy on their faces. They couldnt even talk as they slowly rose from what was now my seat, my throne, the place I had most wanted to be all day in this park. I pulled the bar down, locked in the seat belt and my mind started racing. What does 0-128mph in just 3.5 seconds feel like? How far will we fly if we go off the tracks like in Final Destination 3? Thoughts like this, but not really scared, I just wanted so badly for this moment to be what I had been dreaming it to be all day long. Actually that’s a lie. This thought process started long before yesterday. It started in Cape Cod with my mom and Nanny. We were watching a TV program called Most Extreme Coasters and Kingda Ka was voted the number 1 coaster in the world. That’s when I started thinking about this moment.

First some stats via Wikipedia (not a good information source according to U of Phoenix, but I think it works in this case):
Officially introduced on Sept 29, 2004
First opened to the public on May 21, 2005
Height: 456 ft (139 m)
Drop: 418 ft (127 m)
Length: 3,118 ft (950 m)
Max speed: 128 mph (206 km/h)
Inversions: 0
Duration: 28 seconds
Capacity: 59 Trains or 1062 riders per hour
Cost: $25,000,000
Acceleration: 0 to 128 mph (0 to 206 km/h) in 3.5 seconds
Max G force: approx. 5.1 (if you weighed 100 lbs, 5.1 Gs would give you the feeling of weighing 510 lbs!)

Why explain it when this video puts you in the front seat, except I was on the right hand side.

The acceleration is faster than the fastest production car on the planet, the Bugatti Veyron. The Bugatti goes from 0-60mph in just 2.4secs and 0-100pmh in 5.5secs. This thing goes from 0-128mph in just 3.5secs!!! Its faster acceleration than an F-16. The butterflies set in as your stomach stays behind back at the launch pad. At 128mph its hard to see as teh tears flow to your ears, you shake violently, and then finally get a chance to scream as you shoot 456 feet in the air. Slow for just a second over the hill and go spiraling down the 418 foot drop once again leaving your insides at its peak. Cant scream, there’s no air and then finally rolling out over the “bunny hill” and back into the station. 28 seconds of pure adrenaline bliss and I was shaking with excitement. I actually had to shake out my arms and legs after riding because there was so much juice coursing through my veins. I would like to coin this phrase now, you heard it hear first… This maybe inappropriate for our younger audience. “This coaster goes from 0-sex in 3.5 seconds.” I mean the incredible highs you reach as this thing shoots you out of a cannon and right to the moon and back is unlike almost anything I have ever experienced. Hence, the phrase. I would like to ride this coaster all day one day, but I know I would have to bring a couple changes of pants, ha!

Six Flags, More Fun! I cannot wait to go back. If you wanna join me, let’s work out a day. I am in before you even ask.

  1. Michelle
    July 22, 2010 at 16:07

    Count me in, I heart the Superman.

  1. November 21, 2010 at 23:38

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