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so I took a little break…

now you see what I mean, rough life (thanks cpw)

just for me. For awhile there I was almost pressuring myself into writing, but now Ive taken a little hiatus and I feel like Im back in the spirit of what I started this for, me.

The last couple of weeks have been some of the greatest of my life. I cant say they have been overly spectacular or that I have accomplished SO much in this time period, but moreover, they have been exactly how I wanted them, spontaneous and slow. Im lucky enough to have gotten in a with a great group of guys on a beach house down at the Jersey Shore. NJers say “down the shore”, but I cant help but think that there should be an “at” in there somewhere and that these people may not all be there. Grammar came easy for me as both a child and now as a future award winning writer, so this phrase bothers me every time Deaf Smell Perogies and the rest of the crew say it. I may have stumbled once or twice and said it my self, but silently I died a little death inside.

Digression is always a problem of mine. The shore house is in Manasquan NJ or ‘squan for short, and is only one block from the “pay to get some sun and water in your life” beaches of Jerz. I hang there all week hitting the beach, frolicking in the waves, rolling with the squan lifeguards, and generally just live the life that I have always wanted. No stress, no commitments (not that I am afraid of them ladies, its just that Im doing me) and no timeline of any sort. I take Tues and Weds to finish up homework and on Thurs I choochoo home to Hoboken for my Business Law class. 4 hours of class down and Im thinking about how and when to get back to heaven.

Its been all that I could ask for and Im so glad that I have at least another month and a half of this. Im even thinking about grabbing up a place for the winter just so I can keep the ocean and sand in my life all year round. It sounds like a great idea to me and a couple of us are already coming up with a plan to make it happen. I couldnt be happier to be honest and that’s why I am back in the lab posting up heartfelt and hopefully entertaining words for the masses. So I took a little break, but now its time to recap my time away. I hope I can remember

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