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x games: day 2, 2100

a place of greatness

We are back at the hotel now and finally got to crack a beer with the crew. It’s nice to sit down for a while in some AC on my bed and just relax. Today was really chock full of work and it was a lot of running around so I am kind of beat again. That’s what happens when you are old balls I guess.

We had Adaptive Moto X practice and seeding today so we were out in the sun and on the track for majority of the day. I can’t really complain because this is one of my favorite parts of coming out here to X. Getting to hang on the track that these super athletes flip, whip, and soar on is just incredible to me. To top it off we are in the Coliseum, the home of the 1932 and 1984 Olympics, and to USC football. I am standing in a place of true greatness and its something that I will always cherish. I couldn’t help but think about this all day long as I looked around the place. Every time I was feeling the heat or sneezing from the heavy dust, all I could really go back to was the immense amount of history that has occurred in the place where I now stand. DOPE.

daniel looking up at women's moto start

We were on track for a couple of practice sessions with Adaptive and even got to stay on for both the mens and women’s runs. Its nuts to feel the throttle in your chest as these guys and gals rip over triples and through the whoop sections. To smell the exhaust and inhale the dust is just something that takes me back to my time on the track at the last couple of X games and even back to Tucson when Cody, Tony and Doyle ripped around in the desert. Just a hell of a good time. Read more…


x games: day 2, 0931

Nate Adams and Twitch

Ive got two other posts to put out about my trip here, but the internet in the room is $11 a day. Call me cheap but that’s almost $100 for internet a week. Ill make sure to get it out later today, when I have to get into some homework (sh!t). Who does homework at X games, not the athletes or too many other people because they have jobs. Nope, its this guy.

Last night was pretty laid back after a hectic day of inprocessing the Adaptive athletes. We just grabbed a quick bite from the athlete lounge then headed back towards the hotel. Koeppe, J-Bird, Daniel, and I rolled to the gas station for some brewhas and then back to the hotel for the night. It was a good way to get geared up for the rest of the week. Just hanging in the hotel rooms with a Sparxx (the world’s greatest energy drink), some Bud heavies, and Tecates. It was good to reconnect with the AAS crew and to see how things are changing for the organization.

Amy showed us all the swag and other free stuff that she

Robbie Maddison

was able to get from Element and Vans, and was so excited about her latest shopping spree. A girl’s dream right, to be able to walk into a store and to pick anything she wants for her 10 friends. Pretty sick way to roll. Read more…

Phx to LAX (27July2010)

Amare Stoudamire of the NY Knicks

Got into the airport in Phoenix and feeling like I should be taking a flight into Tucson or at least meeting up with my crew from AZ. That’s not the case this time and I can handle it, though it sucks to be so close yet so far away.

Ill be able to handle because 1) The devil has seen it fit to let me be after the torture of the previous flight, 2) Im flying to LAX for the X GAMES!!, and 3) one of my favorite basketball players is on my flight, Amare Stoudarmire. Formally of the Phoenix Suns and now with the New York Knikerbockers, I am so stoked to see this dude in action especially if NY gets Carmelo and Chris Paul in the next two years. Big three in Miami, yes, but this could be the new Lakers v Celtics rivalry of old. I hope this actually goes down because this would be the most exciting basketball since the Bird, Johnson, Jordan era. Read more…

Nork to Phx (27July2010)

beautiful Nork at dusk

Most jersey people, really dirty jersey folks, call Newark “Nork.” I am not sure if this is due to the lack of education in Jersey or if it’s just out of laziness, but that’s wh its written like that. Phx is short for Phoenix, one of my favorite places in the U.S. Hot as shit because the pavement holds the heat all night long, but in the heat of the night, this place is a true “hotbed” for everything a person could want to get into. On to the flight from hell…

Boarded no problem from the attendants as I rolled through with my longboard in tow. Found 19f, a luscious window seat just aft of the wing of our Airbus. I actually have 19f as a seat for every single flight on this trip except 1 of 28,000 in a lifetimefor the last return flight from Vegas. I just thought it would be funny to have the same seat all the way through, but this was as close as I could get it to work out. I met both of my single serving friends (Fight Club reference), a woman in her late 30s with a daughter and an early 20s Swedish kid traveling with his mom who asked if she could have my window seat, luscious 19f, in exchange for a middle seat between a business man who ended up drinking the whole flight and an attractive college student. Sorry Swedish mom, you keep your middle seat because 5 hours is too long for me to stay awake and I was planning on knocking out some sleepies. It’s never a good thing to pop off a couple snorts and snore with an attractive coed on your right, so I would rather be 4 seats away and pop off (insert wild west gun fire in here…poppa, pop, pop!). I never truly introduce myself to single servings because I know that when I rack out for the flight I will be doing any and/or all of the following items: (all of these have been verified by friends I have flown with or by

off the the left coast

me waking up to these instances described below.) Read more…

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Going going back back to cali cali

July 27, 2010 1 comment

Got back into Hoboken around midnight last night and for the life of me I could not get to sleep. Too much anxiousness and a couple late night phone calls put the final tally on beauty rest at a wopping 2.5 hrs. I found out last night that my Uncle Ricky passed away and that an engagement has been broken off. Great way to start my journey to the west side. To top it off, I have a pebble in my iPhones headphone jack from the beach yesterday. No musica en este vuelo. I think vuelo means flight, I should know that.

I left a rent check for Nick to mail out and also a check to the tune of $20 for boogers (ha, I owed him 20, but thought it would be funny if he cashed a check for boogers. Delirious at 0200 this morning) Caught a cab at 0440, dunkin keeps the world running at 0450, and thru security by 0524 just in time to watch the sun rise over NYC.

Boarding my plane to Phoenix in 5 minutes and looking forward to putting down some Zs. I gotta get my times straight so I can party it up out in the land of celebs, cocaine, rehab, and repeat. Can’t wait to see the Adaptive crew, my high school/rockstar buddy Sean, and the Berger clan (Shane, Red Brother, and Knockers).

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bro day

Thursday nights at the shore are out of control if one attends the phenomenon called “Shot Wheel.” Last week, I partook in the madness and was awoken the next morning with a snort and a startle. Miraculously I had made the 100 yard walk home safely, I was in my own bed, and I had all my clothes on. CHeck, check, and check plus.

A sizeable headache, but nothing that a vitamin water and a little salt water cant cure. The greatest hangover cure in the known world is the ocean. The salty swell of waves, the sound of the curlers crashing, and some floating in the sweet sunshine is enough to bring even the lowliest of zombies back to life. I tried to catch some Beater waves (A Beater is a mix between a boogie board and surf board allowing you to surf in the boogie board area, ingenious) unsucessfully. Its hard to stand up on a foam board that is only 4 feet long, but Im getting closer with every day. Drop the Beater off and on to what I excel at, body surfing. A couple hard strokes, get your mind out of the gutter, a perfect plane to surf on, and I am off through the tiny barrels. Its one of my favorite things about the ocean here. You always can grab a little shore break wave and ride it in.

Next came team waves where Bub, Chris and I caught the curl along with up to ten other wave riders. It was funny to see and participate in a row of late 20s men paddling into waves that crush you on the sand. Bodies washing up all over the place, a little bit of sand burn, and a shit ton of laughing. Chris was even lucky enough to receive the comment, “you young men are crazy!” from an older women in a floral swimsuit reminiscent of 60s wallpaper. I think she might have had one of those green see-through poker visor too. You know, the one that has the spiral elastic coil in the back and shades the wearer’s face in a hulk-like green glow. Yeah you know what I mean. Read more…

review: inception

If you are into the Dark Knight, the Matrix, or anything even close to this vein of cinema, “Inception” may just blow you away. I remember seeing a preview for this movie sometime back in the winter and I had been jazzed up since then. The hype surrounding the movie really helped to put it over the top for me. I like the build up that some of these movies have and the praise and excitement they garner before ever being released to the public. This is one of those movies that generated buzz and steamrolled into theaters.

"Abe's Inception - the truth behind the Emancipation Proclamation"I went to see this Monday with some friends from ‘Squan and was absolutely blown away. I grabbed some pretzel bites and nacho cheese walking through the door and was ready to have my mind fried. By the way, I had almost 25 pretzel bites in my basket, that’s a lot of pretzelly goodness from a movie theater! I actually finished half before the movie started. Im a fatty, I know it, I embrace it.

Im white knuckling the arm rest with my cheesy fingers as the movie breaks into its first scene and from there time fades away. Previews and trailers let you scratch the surface of what this movie is about, but you couldnt possibly gather the scope of this film until you finally come up for air when it fades to black. The premise is this (no spoiler here, this is all on the trailer you just saw), Leo possesses the technology to slip into someone’s dreams, manipulate them, and steal their secrets…all for a price. He is asked to do a job and the movie revolves around this request and its execution. Read more…