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review: get him to the greek

Judd Apatow is quickly becoming the most prolific comedy producer in the history of cinema. This may be a stretch to some people but think back to the movies this guy has produced/written in the last 5 years. If you cant think of any, I dont blame you. But after I mention some of them, consider you memory jogged and really evaluate my first statement. Here’s a list:

“Funny People” with Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen
“Pineapple Express” with James Franco and Seth Rogen
“Stepbrothers” like I need to tell you who starred in this
“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” with Russel Brand, Jason Segel, Mila Kunis
“Superbad” with Jonah Hill and Michael Cera
“Knocked Up” with Kathryn Heigel, Seth Rogen, and Paul Rudd
“Talladega Nights” with John C Riley and Will Ferrell
“The 40 Year Old Virgin” with Steve Carrell, Paul Rudd, and Seth Rogen
“Anchorman” with Steve Carrell, Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Christina Applegate
Sprinkle in there a couple movies that werent blockbusters like “Year One”, “Kicking and Screaming”, “Walk Hard”, and “Drillbit Taylor” and you have yourself a nifty 5 year span.

(I actually took it out to 6 years to capture his crown jewel – Anchorman)

They cant all be winners, but many of them are and “Get Him to the Greek” is another one that I feel is a hit. It was called “one huge potty joke” by some, but I feel that his movies give rise to some real talented comedians by letting them simply play off each other. If you watch the interactions between Brand and Hill, you can see that each one of them is trying to outdo the other. There are many times when I felt that this stuff is too original to be scripted. I will unfortunately have to wait for the DVD gag reel to come out to verify this. This sense of spontaneity is one of the main reasons that Apatow is a hit machine. I would liken him to Hank Aaron, baseball’s real homerun king. He just goes out, hires his funny friends, and hits homeruns (makes multimillion dollar comedic hits).

Because the “Greek” plays off of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, you should see FSM first. Its really not necessary, but it gives you some background into Jonah Hill’s character Aaron Green as well as insight into Brand’s “Aldous Snow.” Brand’s lyrics are hysterical and you get the sense that he COULD actually be a rock god if he wanted. He actually likens himself to a “Space Christ” in his music video called “African Child”, described in the movie as the third most offensive thing to happen to Africa besides the Apartheid and Slavery.

Due to the release of “African Child”, Aldous’ popularity plummets and he hits rock bottom only to go back on 7 years of sobriety. Aaron Green, is obsessed with the singer and happens to work for P.Diddy at a record company. Green suggests that there should be a 10th anniversary edition of Aldous’ most popular live album at the Greek. Sergio aka Diddy, agrees and commissions Hill to “get Aldous to the Greek” in 3 days.

This request sets up the rest of the movie and hilarity ensues. Aaron, this normal kid with an abnormal love for a rock singer, and Aldous, the rocker himself, then go on a 3 day binge of partying and jetsetting across the globe all with the hopes of Aldous actually getting to the show to preform. Drug use, excessive alcohol, and groupies all mix in to create some of the best one liners I have ever heard in a movie.

Aaron Green: I’m alive!
(in the previews you can find this. Aldous hits Green (Hill) with a shot of adrenalin in the heart)

Sergio Roma: Do you have any ideas how many Air Jordans six black kids wear?
(Diddy talking about the reasons that the company needs to make more money)

Sergio Roma: I’m mind-f**king you right now.
Aaron Green: Well I hope you’re d**k has a condom on, because I have a dirty mind.

Aldous Snow: When the world slips you a Jeffrey, stroke the furry wall.

Aldous Snow: What you did was very spiteful, but it was also very brave and very honest and I respect you for doing that. But the content of what you said has made me hate you. So there’s a layer of respect, admittedly, for your truthfulness, but it’s peppered with hate. Hateful respect.

There were several parts in here where I thought I was going to pee my pants. I had to take my glasses off and wipe away the tears because of some of the things they said.

This movie is a hard partying, rockstar of a movie and everyone that I saw it with agreed. Two thumbs up and I would actually go see this again in the theaters for another $20.

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