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updated mortal kombat?

the new face of scorpion

I used to get my ass handed to me every time I played this game by some little kid named Kevin back in middle school (Kev, this trailer was actually leaked to the world on your birthday, wierd right?). We would play all day after school and I would be lucky to continually sweep kick my way to a victory once in 10 matches. Im getting frozen, speared, flying triple kicked, had acid spit on me, slipped all over the place, had my head pulled off, been bit in half by a dragon, shattered into a thousand pieces, sawed in half, and uppercutted into oblivion…and this was all in 20 minutes. My fingers would be swollen and callaced, but nothing I could do would let me beat him. My only way to defend my honor was to physically punch him so that he might let me win one. Kevin’s not that little any more, in fact he’s a real American hero Marine man and I am sure he can still serve up a beat down in MK if he had to.

The original 1995 release of MK was pretty much a joke. I would put it on the same level as the Street Fighter movie with Jean-Claude (yeah that one sucked, but then again, most of his movies did). This new buzz however has got a lot of people thinking this is the rebirth of the franchise for this new generation. After watching this 7 minute trailer, I might have succumbed to a little barakaboner (no, not a presidential boner bc I dont particularly care for the guy so why waste a good wood. I mean a Mortal Komboner for the ages). I think all you MK fans can see that this movie needs to be remade and remade right with this storyline and this director. The “new” twist on the MK tail is a definite plus and strays away from the all supernatural effects that the ’95 movie played out. Plus the effects were garbage back then. Now special effects have caught up to the ideals of what Mortal Kombat has always been about. This reimagining is to be a balance between the real world and the supernatural just like in the Harry Potter movies (ropeofsilicon.com).

I think all you MK diehards that played til your fingers bled, you know, the ones that knew all the nuances to find secret levels, should be getting on the web and making this movie a reality. The fans that were no fun to play against because this game was your prepubescent life. “Screw girls, Im playing with Sonya Blade so I can make her jump all over the place and possibly get her digital boob to pop out like Janet at the SuperBowl.” The ones that mastered every finishing move to make me look like an idiot ALL THE TIME. You are the ones that want this movie to be made (me too which is obvious because I am writing so fervently about it). If you do, pass this blog along, write about it, “like” the video and comment on it. Warner Brothers has the money to make this movie happen and to finally do it justice. This trailer is amazing and I think that you MK buffs might also be in for a little boner time.

Its the video game nerd in me, I couldnt help it. Check it.

There need to be stipulations though to do this right:

This movie needs to reflect the shadowy persona of the original game. It needs to mirror the dark, horror aspects of the gameplay and keep true to its roots. Only an “R” rating will do. This cant be another watered down exec driven project. For once, they need to listen to the fans who made this game into the groundbreaking hit that it became. Now that our generation, the one that was first introduced to MK, are old enough to purchase our own movie tickets instead of getting older bro or sis to do it for us. We want the movie that has always needed to happen but never did. Do this title justice. Make it in the image of the trailer and keep to the goth-gore theme that we all came to enjoy. Bring on the severed heads and spinal columns. Serve up some frozen explosions. Set people ablaze and throw em off the cliffs. That’s what we remember, that’s what needs to be done to do this right. Hand us another “Annihilation” and you have just successfully killed off the franchise. There’s still $ here Warner Brothers, green light this project.

  1. Paul Mason
    June 16, 2010 at 18:26

    Flash in the pan.

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