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someone’s got a case of the mondays

If you have never seen Office Space then you wouldn’t know this quote and you are missing out. I have already referenced the movie twice in previous posts and there are more to come so watch Mike Judge at his finest.

I am not really feeling today at all. The weather is cool but overcast and a little rainy. Maybe I can get outside to skate today if the weather holds out but only after I finish my homework and take my final for Finance. Thank the Lord this class is over on Thursday. Hopefully I can bring up the 69% I have in the class right now with my powerhouse open book test taking skills. I’ll most likely finish with a “B” which will hurt my 3.6 GPA for now, but “C’s” get degrees right? Then on to Business Law and another Management class. Finally back to doubling up classes and knock out this Bachelors. Marketing degree by January 2011? I hope so, lets push through. Even though I don’t have a ton in the way of work, I hate Mondays and I don’t even have a real reason to right now. Im feeling all you out there on the grind and I’m sending up prayers that “humpday” and weekend play time come swiftly for us all.

This weekend was more fun than I had originally anticipated. Dont take that wrong. I was drained from being on busses for over 28 hours in one week, changing time zones twice in that period, touched 10 states (NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, PA, DE, MD, VA, AZ) and partied pretty hard in every area code along the way. The wedding was very creative and unlike any that I had ever been to. I would expect nothing less from Rori and Ryan since they are both artistic souls. It was set in a wooded lodge in the Appalachian mountains of MD just outside our hometown. They were married outside at a pine chapel, there was a bagpipe player, and a ton of people who I havent been around since before joining the military. Ryan sang to Rori as she came down the aisle then busted out the harmonica and rocked it! I could only shake my head as he wailed on it. The reception was held at the log cabin-styled lodge and the food was outstanding. Live music from a backwoods hillbilly band had the party jumping mixed in with a DJ on the ground floor. All in all, the entire event was a very unique way of joining two people who had been in love since elementary school.

Lots of chitchatting with crew from back home, high school and the NYC bunch all intermixed. It was a fun atmosphere to meld these people together. We cracked tons of jokes and thankfully the mountain folk liked black people because I was scared for Solomon and I (ha, I’m glad we are bros and can laugh at sh!t like this together). We hit the busses to go back to the hotel around 1230, made a beer run, brought back a keg and made it to club 501 (room 501) by 0100. This suite was ridiculous for being in our hometown. Two bedrooms, two full beds, one king, and tons of floor space for dance parties and mingling. There were 15-20 of us in the suite at any time throughout the night until about 0430 when people starting stumbling to their quarters. Four 30s of stones, two of the biggest bottles of Jack I have seen, and a quarter keg all finished while in club 501. Nothing too wild went down. Sol kept sticking the Jack bottle in everyone’s faces to keep the party going, he “slinked” about like a glittery soul brother reminiscent of the since deceased Rick James. Too funny to watch this cat work a room. You cant help but want to catch some of his vibe. Has anyone ever really seen this kid sleep?

We had a couple of people turn zombie drunk and hang out a little too long, but that’s not that uncommon for these folks. It was funny to watch them fight off the effects of the night and try to rally on even though there was no hope for them. I’m not sure how many people sit on their knees and wobble in real life, but I know at least one that does it when he throws back beers. Love you kid. (PJ, thanks for offering him up a pillow)

Other highlights, I got challenged to do the worm in my dress clothes (wanna learn? turn the volume down and click here. He’s pretty funny). I’m not coordinated enough to do the worm forwards and I have smacked my chin/balls trying before, but I can do it backwards. The little lady definitely got me on style points, but I think that I may have taken the championship on sheer surprise factor. I received the challenge with everyone in attendance and tried to decline several times bc I was doubting my skills. A ton of sh!t talking from Mr walkStar and I couldn’t look bad in front of my peers. Peer pressure still applies when you are almost 30? When does this end? “Here hold my glasses,” I say and off I go. Backwards through club 501 with a couple of wiggles and thank God no one got this one on video. I stood up to a deafening applause and was handed a shot of Jack in my victory. It felt exhilarating to be 2-0 in dance challenges over the past 2 weeks. Is it sad that I derive pleasure from this as a nearly 30something?

Because of this success, I’ll be doing a choreographed dance routine and song at my wedding (hoping this goes down in my next decade of existence). I think I might hire Justin Timberlake’s dance coach to make sure I have the best moves and probably Paula Abdul for my vocals (really just so we can get sloppy drunk together). Other than this little drama, there wasnt much else to report except that It was good to really catch up with people who I hadn’t seen in years and probably wont see for a couple more. Oh except at Jef and Jackie’s wedding on July 10th. Looking forward to another creative, fun weekend with this one. Maybe I’ll bring a date to theirs instead of always being the one man wolfpack. Its getting old being the perpetual bachelor, the last of a dying breed in my circles. I think my family is starting to worry about me ha. Dont worry fam, I’m doing me and having a good time with it.

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