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world cup or wedding?

With the biggest game for the United States futball team on right now and me feeling the effects of jetsetting for the last 3 weeks, should I call it a night already or go to the wedding of a childhood friend? Lets weigh this out.
Pros for World Cup:
– only occurs once every four years
– only 31 days of this event
– only 3 guaranteed games for the US
– this game is the biggest game for US soccer in years
– experts were saying this game would be 2-0 England, but at this moment we just scored the equalizer (Dempsey @ 40′)
– 715 million people worldwide watched the Final in 2006
– its estimated that 20-30 billion people will watch the World Cup in total for 2010
Cons for World Cup:
– I cant think of any

Pros for wedding:
– known Ryan since grade school
– we are literally “partners in crime”
– he’s got a scar on his head from me that will inevitably show up in his wedding pics
– lots of friends from the back in the day that I havent seen since back in the day
– single ladies? (in their physical form or the Beyonce song. Either will do)
– open bar
Cons for wedding:
– Im feeling lazy and want to sit around
– I dont have a date, but then again I have only brought a date once to the 20+ weddings I have attended/been in

The wedding? I mean I cant miss that, but after all the years of playing soccer and having it as such a huge part of his life, how could he schedule his wedding today? Jokes! This is once in a lifetime. Congrats on finally making this official.

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