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“cape beer” day 4

If I were charting a boat, this would be it on principle

Cape Fear but with beer and without DeNiro or young Juliette Lewis and the whole threatening of murder thing. So I guess its really nothing like that movie I suppose.

Good morning world, let’s go see some whales! I was jazzed up, but didnt really understand that this day would end up possibly ranking as a top ten moment in my life. I wish I could go into everyday with that kind of feeling.

We hit the road around 1030 for our noon launch out into the Atlantic. The drive was smooth and once again we talked about all things under the sun; old vacations, funny emails, phone plans, and stuff that there was no way I would remember. The crew arrived in Provincetown, MA a little before noon and we embarked on our whale watching excursion. We chose Dolphin Fleet Whale Watchers because they came highly reccomended on the internet and at our condo. Our tour guide spoke about the formation of the Cape, the reasoning behind the high whale population in the area and educated us on the whale types. There are two types of whales, toothed and baleen. Toothed whales are killer whales, minkes, beluga, dolphins and the like. Baleen whales do not have teeth, but instead use patches of specialized hair to filter out water and keep in fish or krill. It looks like the head of a broom and is made out of keratin, the same as your hair and fingernails. Bet you never thought you would come to this blog for some real education on sea-life did ya? You’ve just been edumacated!

they greeted us with a wave

The ship stayed out for more than two hours and over that time we encountered 11 different whales (all of which had names like Cajun and Spicy. My kinda whales). These behemoths played not 30 feet from our boat and in some cases swan right underneath. I was lucky enough to have 4 swim right under where I was standing and my iphone actually did the trick! I could not believe the size of these things. I had seen skeletons in aquariums and known that they grow larger than 60 ft sometimes, but when you see it dwarfing the length of the boat you are in, pretty insane. No breaching, where they physically launch themselves out of the water, but tail and fin slaps mixed in with some barrel roles and I was left in awe. So was mom. It was funny to see her snapping away with her disposable camera that inevitably will yield ZERO usable pictures, but she was a photog nonetheless. So much so that in her state of whale paparazzi mayhem the boat rocked and she almost went over the side. I luckily saw this happening before she did and grabbed her by the collar. Once she was had her balance, she went back into a feverous flashbulb frenzy only to almost hit the deck again. I restrained my mother,

this one swam right under the boat

apologized to the others around her, and confiscated her camera so she didnt fall over the side. Its sad when you have to keep an eye on your mom or she could get eaten by a whale. Parents…(shake your head and say it)

Nanners had to sit inside because she couldnt stand while the boat was out on the high seas, but she was treated to the show as well. Several nice gentlemen blocked people from standing in her line of sight so that she could see the whales playing too. Thanks random guys, I owe you beers for helping out my Gma! She explained that the whale watching trip she took in Alaska was weak sauce compared to this one. They only saw 2 whales in the two hours they were out and here we identified 11. Take that ALASKA! My whole family agreed that this was an adventure of a lifetime and definitely one of the top things we had done as a group. Even in my own life this ranks just behind scuba diving, diving in a shark cage and surfing for the first time.

The boat brought us back to port where we learned that Provincetown was actually the first landing spot for the Mayflower, not Plymouth. Fun fact number two. Did this just turn into an educational blog? I assure you it has not. On the way in, mom requested a picture like she was on the Titanic. I declined the first three times but I could see it in her face that she really wanted it so I gave in. Everyone got a laugh and mom was happy so it was all good. Disembarked, a couple pics with the local humpback “Bubbles”

my humps, lovely lady lumps

and on to eat at Surf n Turf right on the bay. Even though it as a little later in the day than I usually have a bloody mary, the one sitting on the table beside us was presented well and caught my eye. So I went for it. Im on vacation so why not. The waitress came through and we ordered our food, I decided on the lobster roll. Kinda like tuna salad, but with less mayo and more flavor. Just enough mayo to lightly coat, fresh cut scallions, a hint of heat, salt and regular pepper. BAM! It was unlike any other lobster dish I had ever had before. They serve it on a fresh homemade hotdog bun that had been toasted, but I skipped the carbs and dug right in to the heaping mound of claw meat I had laid before me. To top this meal off, the fries were actually almost comparable to Thrashers Boardwalk fries from Ocean City. You Marylanders might find this hard to believe or even yell “Blasphemy!” but I know my fries as I consider myself a connesiuer. Hell, Ive been

Jack, Im flying

eating fries since I was two, that’s 27 years of freedom fry experience so this qualifies me as an expert. A little malt liquor, (HA, That is what I just typed! Do I have booze on my mind or what. Colt 45 here I come) I mean malt vinegar with some sea salt and this dude is loving like. Great food and a view that simply cant be beat. This placed looked out over the Provincetown bay where the boats are moored and in their slips. Glassy water, seagulls flying and a slight breeze to take away the heat of the day and once again I am in love. This is why I find traveling so appealing. The simple things that happen on a trip are the most rewarding.

Lobster roll, try it!

All through our meal, I noticed the couple sitting beside us. Not for any particular reason except for their food and drinks. I was never sure what steamers were until I saw some clams (classified as steamers) come out to their table. too bad mom is allergic to seafood or I wouldve jumped into a ton more dishes from the depths. Then I saw something that intrigued me even more, beer! But not just any beer. Beer with blueberries in it! A handful of blueberries in every pint of Wachusetts Blueberry. “Waiter, waiter, excuse me waiter. I would like to have several of what that gentlemen is having please.” And let it be done! I am loving exclamation points right now. Im trying to give you some connotation here people, some feeling in this writing, not just words. !! This beverage tied the entire meal together. Nanny of course asked, “why do you need to drink a beer with your meals?” My response was to the effect, “I dont NEED to drink a beer, but I WANT a beer with my meal especially if it has blueberries in it!” Apparently that was a good enough argument as she laughed and dismissed the thought. I should probably be a lawyer.

fruity beer+happy town=perfect!

This whole scenario brought our conversation in line with the conversation of the couple (turned out to be brother and sister) seated next to us. Tony was moving up to Provincetown and his sister lived in Mass but was up visiting. They were Massachuesetts-ites through and through with the accents AND who also were excellent conversationalists. We exchanged pleasantries, talked about beers and seafood, other Mass tours spots, and we exchanged a couple inappropriate stories thanks to mom having too much of my blueberry beer. I dont get embarrassed, nor do I blush, but I came pretty close even while I was laughing at her hooting and hollering. You wonder where I get it, take a look right there.

Together we sat until the sun had almost set. We said our goodbyes and took a couple stops at the places Tony had mentioned. The Pilgrim tower which takes 166 steps to get to the top of overlooks the entire Cape and is really worth the $7 and exercise you get. Back down into the shopping district where mom spent an hour in a jewelry shop looking for trinkets. I can handle 15 minutes max in a jewelry store unless I was there with a purpose. A highlight of my time in the little shop was when Neil Diamond’s”Sweet Caroline” came on and I noticed everyone, I mean EVERYONE started either humming or singing it under their breath. How amazing is a song to span generations like this one does? I talked with the woman running the shop about this revelation as she hummed away and she said that every time that song comes on in the shop, its the same reaction; everyone sings it. I laughed as we sang into the bar version of the song…”BA, BA, BA good times never seem so good, SO GOOD, SO GOOD, SO GOOD!” You know it, this is one of the world’s premier piano bar songs.

the strip

After our little sing a long I went out to the curb to people watch (one of my favorite things to do). Out on the curb in the “happiest” town in Mass. That’s what Nanny called it. By “happy” she meant gay. I love that woman! So here I am left on the curb in the “happiest” town in Mass with no protection, not that I need any, but backup is always appreciated. On the curb, by myself and watching the people flow by. I love people watching and this was definitely a good place to do it. As I scanned the street, I noticed a man riding his bike towards me. We met eyes (sounds bad doesnt it) while he was about two blocks away. He peddled his Huffy a little harder and as he passed me, he looked me dead in the eyes and said, “Hey there” with a devilish grin. I said “hi” back as I tried to hide my snicker and as he rode off out of sight he gave me a look back with a fruity little wave that had me cracking up. (By no means am I slighting a person’s sexual preference, I was simply observing and reporting and laughing since i was part of a drive by check out)

Some homemade strawberry ice cream to top it all off (Yeah, I know. Im a chubby kid at heart and I have a problem shoving food in my face! I cant help it, I love to try everything) and drive back to Brewster. If we would have planned our day better, we would have stayed there for more than just half a day because that place was the epitome of beach town awesomeness.

for all your leather needs!

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