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cape cod day 3

all aboard old people...and me

Brunch train ride through the Cape? Do I look 79 or have a walker with some cut up tennis balls on it? Nope, but Ill go along with it.

The ride was actually pretty fun, plus I am now more interested than ever to find out about my family’s involvement in the military and how my parents grew up. Im not going to have too many chances to just pick their brains for hours on end like I have had this week so I better take advantage. The train ride took us through about half of the Cape, talked about the history behind the railroad, showed the points of interest along the route and just generally had a ton of facts that no one would ever want to know unless you are on a train ride to have brunch. Did you know that Massachusetts is the second leading producer of cranberries in the US? ME NEITHER? Fun fact of the day for ya.

The food was pretty outstanding as well, so we definitely got out money’s worth. I had a lobster, asparagus, and cheese omelet that could only have been made better with some hot peppers. Mom had some vegetarian manicotti that had fresh veges throughout, fresh. Nanny had some chicken with bourneise sauce that was buttery goodness. Oh and I had an “average” bloody mary. I will always give a bloody mary the benefit of the doubt, but there arent too many better in the world than Fanelli’s Cafe in SOHO. This one on the train came from a local mix and actually had Kettle as the vodka. Not too shabby, but I can only give it a 6 out of 10.

lobster in an omelet, strange but when in Rome...

We left the train around 2 and hustled back to Brewster to hit the beach for a little stroll. Nanners having to use a cane, she stayed in the car and napped out, but before she shut her eyes I surprised her with a backflip off the dunes. Mom screamed bc she thought I was going to kill myself, but I am writing you this so you know I nailed that shiz like Kerri Strug. Mom and I walked around the beach so she could collect shells and just talked. I dont even really remember what we talked about but it was a good time. The tide was so far out that the sand bar stretched out 100 yards from shore. We kept walking and talking going further from shore when I stopped to take some pics of this crazy red sand. It looked like something out of the red rocks in Sedona AZ only on the beaches. As I bent down to shoot, I noticed that the water was slowly creeping in. When I looked back at where we came from, the sandbar was now covered in water. Mom would never have noticed until it was too late and if I hadnt bent down to take the pic we wouldve been screwed. We waded through thigh high water to get back and by the time we reached the shore, the sandbar was completely gone. We got a laugh and mom joked about me carrying her on my back if I was a gentlemen. I probably shouldve in hind sight.

this is sand on the east coast? I couldnt believe it

We laughed all the way to the car, told Nanny about what happened and then rolled back to the condo. Hung there for a while then went to eat at the local dining hole called JTs. All fried seafood goodness, chowder and ice cream. A winning combo indeed. Nanny and I split a tub of fried clams and I had the best New England clam chowdah I had ever had. It was creamy, but not heavy. I would describe it as airy. Big chunks of aeromatics and clams that barely all fit on the spoon. It wasnt laidened with salt and with just a dash of pepper I was sent into chowdah bliss. I thought about ordering another cup but if you could have seen the mountain of fried clam strips in front of me, you would have called my a glutton. A pretty good meal that was topped off with a twisted soft serve cone. Voila. I hadnt had a twist cone in ages. In fact, I dont know the last time I ate one of them. Probably at McDonalds back when I was in the military, but this was a throwback.

Back to the pad and on the couch to digest. We watched a movie, talked and called it a fairly early night. Its pretty funny to be sitting here with two other generations of my family. I’ve thought about that since mom said it earlier today. Whale watching on day 4 so we had to be prepped for the high seas!

CHOWDAH!! this sh!t was rocking!

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