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tucson to “did” list

Alright so I was souper (I just think it should be spelled like that. Its more lively and fun. Its boring spelled as “super”) ambitious with my “to do” list going into my week of fun in TuSun. Below is my original list with indicators on what I accomplished, some notes on the particular item, and other general insights.

I present to you my to did list for tucson:

Have multiple Capt and Cokes with Mr Bennett (been a long time coming)
– this went down within mere minutes of us making it to Brandon’s house. The result: four hours in and around the vicinity of the pool starting at high noon.

Rockin my shades

Hold my first conversation with Chaz
– It took a little while for him to warm up, but when he did, we were talking all day long. My favorite phrase for the week happened when I was sitting by the pool on the phone and abruptly get squirted by the little ginger monster’s squirt gun. As I was about to yell “NO”, he screams, “NOODLES….and CHEETHE (slight lisp)…AND MUSTARD!!” what!?! I could never yell after a random smattering of words like that. I think he takes after me.

Give hugs to the whole family, then force them to drink beers
– If you read any of the previous blogs you will know this was pretty much what we did all day.

Embarrass Kenzi at her graduation AND in front of her friends AND at her grad party
– screaming at the top of our lungs while she’s graduating. So loud you can hear it on the video. Check
– the second two were combined for the last song of the party.

NOTE: Let the video load and dont judge me. I was feeling it and I think even Mr. Timberlake would have been intimidated. Embarrassed? Me slightly. Kenzi, Check.

Be that wasted guy at some point during the week
– I was pretty even keeled throughout my time and wanted to remember the fun so this one is a “no go”, unless you want to call that good bc of the video above. You decide.

Not get sun burnt
– reference the first “to do”. Four hours in the sun drinking by the pool for a pale face like me results in redness

Get Terri so hammered she falls in the pool
– Hammered, check, but no falling in the pool.

Lay out under the stars
– Every night. You forget how beuatiful the sky can be at night when you live in the city. Out there, its just black

Skate the best pavement I can find
– Didnt pick up my board except for once. No time for riding, I got other things to do

Get Grandma Bacon a beer
– After four hours of sunburning, the girls returned and I got her that beer.

Watch the planes take off from base again
_ i saw them flying overhead a couple times, but we really never went into base. next time

Visit base and my old squadron
– Had dinner with the Doyles on base, picked up Brandon’s ride at the squadron but didnt have anyone to show me around.

Continue my workout regimen
– If by “workout regimen” I meant 12 ounce curls, then I was working out all day! I truly worked out only once and got in a couple laps in the pool, but somehow I found other stuff to do.

Play catch-up with:
Hathorn before he deploys on Monday
– Thanks for stopping by. Great to see you

Stacey and crazy Nicole (no you cant sleep in my bed again!!)
– Stacey, thanks for being wastey face at the party. Nicole, I would have guessed that it would be you. Who knew you were a foody? Im in for Pho when I return.

Queensbury and his fam
– Miscommunication all around and missed their whole crew.

Doyle, Mel and their kids
– Doyle dinner

Young Albert Levin
– Nope

Everyone else that still likes to party
– The list of partiers is getting fewer

Eat at the following places:
MacMahons for buttery prime rib
– too expensive for this trip

In-N-Out Double Double with Cheese (x3)
– not three times, but twice

Whataburger sausage gravy biscuits for my hangover
– I cant drive with a hangover

Any dirty burrito joint I can find
– Nico’s and Paco’s, check

Frog N Firkin for a real deep dish slice and an Apricot Ale on tap
– Fuzzock slice and pineapple/ham, no beers bc I was still feeling raw

– Unfortunately no

Visit these bars:
The Cow Pony (with no fights this time or breaking tables with guy’s faces)
Anything on 4th
– Neither of these because we were having too much fun up in the foothills.

Pee in Bennett’s pool
– ????

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