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cape cod day 1 & 2

you've seen em, dont ride em

Yesterday I ended up riding the bus from 1130a until 8pm. It was an absolutely ridiculous time trying to get up here to the Cape. We were an hour and a half late into Providence and to top it off we sat on the outskirts of Providence at the Peter Pan bus terminal for another hour and a half. I understood the traffic on the way up 95, but the two “detours” that took us in circles didnt work out so well. I also understood the fact that a bus needs to be refueled, but that doesnt take nearly two hours. Another gripe is when asked what the hold up was, I was rudely told that we would get under way when the driver felt like it. Just so you know, Peter Pan buses dont give two shits about their customers, time constraints, or their own bus schedule. How are they celebrating 75 years with attitude like that. I get it, you’re cute. The buses are green and Peter Pan is painted on the outside, they even call the buses “Wendy’s House.” Its adorable, but your drivers are rude and that probably cost you 50 customers on this one trip. It cost you at least one and I hope none of you readers use them either. Blow smoke in my face and scoff at a not-so-out-of-this-world question like “when do we plan on leaving, we are over 2 hours late?” He almost earned a knuckle sandwich. Dont use em if you dont have to.

Got in super late and surprisingly the Cape isnt as hoping as I thought it would be, at least where we are. A couple of the restaurants we tried actually closed their kitchens at 9pm. We found a place called the Northside and ate in there. Not bad, just kinda plain is the best way to describe it. They have a thing called a lobster roll which is chunks of lobster with some mayo and seasonings all in a potato roll. Nanny had that, yum. I tried the fish and chips, but that was pretty bunk. Best I ever had was at Salt in NYC, try it. After that the old ladies were pooped from a long days drive so we called it quits and went back to the condo. The condo by the way is a full 2 bedroom house with everything you want. Its a lot better than I imagined it would for sure.

Today we woke up and it was pouring down rain so we had some breakfast and took our time getting ready for the day. Luckily the weather broke around noon so we finally got to venture out into the Cape. Guess what we did? Eat amazing seafood, check out the beaches, sip summer drinks outside under an umbrella? None of the above. We drove 38 miles (Holy HELL, 38 miles!!) to a Walmart for a floppy hat for mom. Yup. Save money, live better, (that kinda) Walmart. I cannot stand Wally World and it was no different up here on the Cape. You might think that there would be more sophisticated, sear suckas up here (and there are), but not at the East Falmouth Mart. The same usually suspects; people wearing clothes that are too tight for their body type, yes. Mullets, you bet ya. Wife beaters with mustard stains on it, oh yeah! The usual suspects all in one place.

only in a Massachusetts Walmart could you find this

We spent too much time in there debating on whether or not I wanted a Cape Cod T shirt. “Nope mom, I think Ill pass on the $3 T with the kayak and flowers on it.” Floppy hat, long sleeve shirts for Nanners, Dramamine for moms since we are going whale watching, “Real” coffee, and some snacks. All that shopping took around 4 hours. Its not like I had anything else to do, but I had had enough of the Mart. I would be happy to never venture into one again. A bright note was this card.

We made our way back to Brewster where Nanny and I hit up a quick trip to the sea. As soon as we pulled up to the harbor, we were greeted by a Lobster Shack. This is exactly what I wanted to see so the day was not a total loss. Check it!

I cant help but think this is the way New England should be. LOBSTA!

We got to hang around for a second, talk about how amazing it would be to live where the waves crash and then we decided we had to pee. A mad dash back to the condo and we made it in time. Mom had already started dinner by putting the potatoes in the oven and I finished by frying up some poke chops (yes, that’s how the south says it and since many people think I am a redneck, that’s how it’ll be spelled). It was great to sit around the dinner table with two of my favorite ladies and just talk. All in all, it was a good day because the 80 miles of Walmart travel allowed us to reminisce.

Tomorrow we have a brunch train ride out of Hyannis (mom thinks this would be a great place for gays to congregate. I love that she just says what she wants). Think about the word again, if you didnt get it; High anus. It will be another good time for talking about the past so i am looking forward to it AND the food is supposedly unreal. Anything will be better than a New England Walmart.

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