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beantown bound

No sleep, that’s about par for the course since coming home, but best believe I will be logging major Zs on the bus to beantown! Im on the Bonanza bus now and somewhere outside NYC. The trip from the Port Authority to here has been pretty awesome. From midtown up to Harlem over to the BX and now into the countryside. I hadnt driven that route through NYC before so I got to see more of this immense city. I need to get out more me thinks, at least I need to get to Harlem once this summer for Dinosaur BBQ! (any takers, let me know)

The seats on this bus are extra cush and the leg room is redonkulous! I can put my board under the seat, my backpack just to the right and sprawl out like Im lounging on the couch. A good start to the trip.

I wrote the previous statement after only an hour in this bus and after four hours of riding, I STILL have two more hours to go. Yeah the seats a comfy, but where are the armrests and why do they have AC that flows up through the bottom of the window so when you fall asleep with your cheeks planted on the glass for more than 30 minutes your face gets frozen off? Its really not bad at all, but I am tired of being on this thing. Itll all be worth it when Im drinking a Sam Adams and eating wicked good lobsta!

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