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college is a joke

Today was laughable to say it best. Unfortunately I paid almost $400 to listen to our professor talk about Koko the gorilla who knows 200 words in sign language, we guessed cigarette brands (I named off Benson & Hedges since its the Rolls Royce of cigs and Gma Bacon smokes em), and generally didnt talk much finance.

It was increasing frustrating as the class went on and then I realized that none of my team decided to show up either. This means that Carlos is out of the course, Sharon is out of the course and Val is mostly likely out of the course. That means I am a one man wolfpack and not in a good way, that’s a “Hangover” reference. If this were to hold true and I had to do all the “team” work by myself, then I would be screwed. 20 minute presentation on the financial situation of Starbucks and a 5 page paper explaining the presentation. Not that I couldnt do this, but I definitely dont want to. Luckily I convinced our teacher to place me in another group so that I wouldnt have to go it alone. that is really the only thing that I got out of class besides being called a “better looking Dane Cook.” Is that a compliment? Is he even good looking? I like the whole Johnny Knoxville thing better I think.

  1. June 3, 2010 at 23:01

    Glad you got reassigned to another group. I did hate team projects though.

    • June 3, 2010 at 23:06

      Team stuff was a good idea when everyone did their work. That’s not the case on this campus so the token white kid gets to do most of it, ha! (that’s me by the way)

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