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the last day

Yesterday Tammi, Chaz, and I just played around the house, jumped in the pool for a couple hours and generally just laid low. I got to show Chaz how to pee out of the bottom of his swimmy instead of pulling it all the way to his ankles and then proceeding to yell, “help, help me Im stuck. Please HELP!” Its funny to see a red-headed baby waddling around with his swimmy at his ankles and screaming for assistance. At least I think its funny. Now I have given him a skill he can use for the rest of his life. I feel like this trip was all worth it in the end.

After swimming for a couple of hours, I rolled down to base to eat dinner with the Doyle family. It seemed so familiar to just cruise through those guarded gates and right back to my squadron for a flight. It was nice to be back on base again. We stopped to pick up some beers and headed over to his place for a home cooked Mexican meal. Ryan’s wife knows her way around the kitchen and cooked us up a spread of authentic refried beans like you cant get on the east coast, some Spanish rice and a sour cream based concoction filled with corn, green chilies and chicken all baked with a tortilla crust. Excellente! Of course I piled it on high and even had a second plate that I regretted immediately upon shoveling the last bite in my mouth.

We sat around and caught up on the nearly 3 years that have passed, I got to meet their beautiful kids, and we exchanged our favorite stories about the old times. A surprise to the night was that Pat, another one of my war buddies, and his family came through to hang for a little while. His wife Maria and their two kids came along as well. It was funny to see the family aspect of their lives now. “Funny” isn’t the right choice of words. It was interesting to see how their lives have changed and to see them interact with their children. I remember days in Mexico where Ryan “chummed” the Sea of Cortez from getting seasick or Pat cutting a rug at one of the local dance spots. Now they are family men with loving wives and rugrats that just want to climb all over them. It was a pleasant surprise to see them in this environment.

We exchanged hugs that almost caused my dinner to come back up and I was off to Stacey’s mom’s house to hang out with Pammy and her. Of course I got a huge welcome from her mom, Pammy, and then got to meet all their new puppies that they smuggled back from Mexico. They were all way too cute and I thought about sneaking one on board with me to go home but then how would I continue to live this Playboy lifestyle if I had a puppy peeing everywhere? The answer is I cant. Its always good to catch up with the Harringtons because they are such an intelligent, opinionated bunch. Pammy made some pretty smart kids, kids that will be my friends for life. We sat under the stars and talked about everything and nothing, where my life is going to take me and where hers is headed. Its always like this with us; the offering of advice on love, sprinkle in some politics, reference an inappropriate story about one of us from the past and repeat. I was never lucky enough to have a sister, but this has got to be what it would have been like. Great times, too short though.

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