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recovery day(s)

I definitely do not recover the same as I used to and a great example of this is how I feel today. I dont necessarily feel bad, just off. I think I have even developed a cold…in TUCSON!!! I am not sure how this happens because the weather is incredible, but I think it did. Im crazy stuffed up and just feel like I still have my lean on.

Saturday night left me feeling pretty banged up and I am sad to say that I am still not fully recovered. Maybe it wasnt just Saturday. Maybe it was drinking Capt n Cokes for 4 hours outside the minute I landed in Tucson and getting sun burned. Maybe it was playing webbed for 3 days straight. Maybe it was the bloody maries and mimosas and beers that were had all day everyday leading up to Saturday’s debacle.

Sunday I lounged the whole day by the pool and on the couch. Even caught a couple cat naps throughout the day. I thought I may have been on the road to feeling right Monday, but I still felt like doodoo brown. My head was still light and my eyes still heavy. It just felt like I hadnt slept right but I know I put in some major Zs bc Shane had to leave the room since I was snoring so loud. (my bad bro, just elbow drop me. Ill stop)

Ive had nothing over the last couple days besides water (2 bloody maries on Sunday, didnt help, but tasted yummo) and Im STILL not right. I want to chalk it up to the cold that I contracted but I may have to call it what it is…old age.

I went hard, I conquered, and paid the price. Ill still party like Im 21 every now and then, but now I know what its like to really get put in my place. Point well taken Mr. Alcohol, I will remember this weekend for a long time. You have now earned my respect, maybe.

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