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party down

The party here at Brandon’s on Saturday was pretty ridiculous. A mix of military friends that I hadn’t seen in years, Kenzi’s high school friends celebrating her graduation and a mix of Tammi’s brothers and sisters. There was a DJ, lots of drinks flowing and a ton of catching up that was accomplished. I missed out on some people who I wanted to see, but this party wasnt about an old guy, it was about Kenzi. She danced with her friends and looked like she had a blast. There were choreographed dance routines and even a pretty major dance off which I may or may not have been apart of. This also may or may not have been caught on video. Apparently there was a Bob the Builder helmet used as a prop. I may have punked a 19-year-old and “allegedly” placed said helmet in my shirt where I promptly birthed it. It was beyond ridiculous, but absolutely necessary. If the video shows up on the internet I will post it here, but I am honestly hoping that it doesn’t make it out of Tammi’s hands.

Lots of drinks, a ton of laughing, and even more party games. Before we knew it, the party had whittled to 8 and we were once again around the island in the kitchen to play webbed. A couple new guys stepped up to the challenge and we were off. George, a new addition, took to the game quickly and fit in nicely. His friend however, was not so lucky. “Friend”, as he will be known here to protect his identity, was a little too wastey faced when he stepped into the arena and got off to quite a bad start. He happened to be in between Shane and myself which resulted in multiple webs within the first 10 minutes. A couple more rounds and he’s cussing up a storm, throwing quarters all over the room, swaying back and forth and dripping beer out of his nose. The final straw for “friend” was his dry heaving as Shane and I webbed him for the final time. I decided to be the bad guy and cut him off. I told him that “he could sit out a couple of rounds outside in a comfy lawn chair, then come back to play when he was ready.” I helped to place him in the chair and that’s where he stayed for the rest of the night. We covered him with a towel and called it good.

Several hours later, we were still webbing when we noticed the sun coming up over the Catalina mountain range. With dawn upon us, the decision was made to call it quits. We were still bouncing off the walls for another hour or so until napping out for a couple of hours. When I say a couple, I actually mean three hours until just after 0900, then it was back to bloody maries and the rest of the day. Needless to say, I was beat down from a long night and no sleep, but I still soldiered on since I only had a week here. I’m still feeling off, but I have another vacation from this vacation already planned. It should be exponentially more chill than being here in Tucson. We will see.

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