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today was a good day

June 23, 2010 4 comments

Every time I think this phrase, I cant help but let my mind wander back to the days when I was a little OG back in Compton. The Streets is hot and my boy Ice Cube was on the prowl in his lowrider Impala hitting switches while rolling by the bacon. That, my friends, was a good day.

And so was today. It started out slow as molasses and I thought that I might go insane with sitting on the couch and finishing homework. That all changed though when I got an email invite to a casting call for suit designer Joseph Abboud. Now I dont know this guy from Adam, that’s a Bible reference, but his suits are pretty legit from what I have seen. Either way, I skated out to 650 Fifth Ave at 52nd and took the elevator up to the 27th floor. I felt like a baller bc this place was pristine. Luckily I think ahead because the humidity today was up there. I swapped out a sweaty for a freshy and strutted into the showroom with my board in tow. Read more…


bustin in transworld!!

Jenica at the BK shop photo by Brett Beyer

If you dont watch action or board sports, arent following Bustin Boards, or dont know anything about the industry, let me tell you one thing. Transworld Business is THEE bible of the board sports world. 2 out of 3 shops read it and it has a pass off rating of over 5 times. This magazine touches millions of readers a year….and we finally made it in there!

Micku showing off her skate rash photo by: Brett Beyer

The female skate revolution is upon us and of course it would be lead by the greatest city in the world, NYC. To make it that much better, the crew at Bustin is the tip of the spear when it comes to this. I had the pleasure of skating with these lovelies many times over the last couple years and actually got to help get the lady skate team set into motion. From there, these gals took off. Sick rippers that definitely put more time in on a board than I do. What could be better than a gang of girls pulling stand up slides, styling slides, and manuals all while keeping it sexy on one of our boards? I can think of too much better, except for female surfer bikini malfunctions. These Bustin Broads are amazing in every way and I am glad they are finally getting a chance to show the world what girl power truly is.

Nathalie rocking her Strike photo by: Brett Beyer

Jenica, Nathalie, and Micku, I am proud to call you my friends. Congrats on the movement you have started. I hope this takes you to where you want to be…if you arent already there.

Check out this link to see what the girls of Bustin are doing to change the perception of female skating one city at a time. BK Stand Up!

The female skate scene in NYC and what it means for the industry

check out the new AAS shirts!

Amy Purdy (AAS founder) and newest AAS wake member Brandon Robbins

My friends over at Adaptive Action Sports have come out with a new shirt design from Element. To get one of these bad boys before they sell out, all you have to do is donate. Shell out some clams, smackers, bones, dollas, scrilla, cheddah, cheese, green, bills, flow, dough, moolah, bucks, duckets, cabbage, kale, lettuce, scratch, gwap, dead prez, scrap, bigface, smallface, coin, paper for some killer threads. $25 will set you up quite nicely and help out AAS as they gear up for this year’s X Games in LA!

review: get him to the greek

Judd Apatow is quickly becoming the most prolific comedy producer in the history of cinema. This may be a stretch to some people but think back to the movies this guy has produced/written in the last 5 years. If you cant think of any, I dont blame you. But after I mention some of them, consider you memory jogged and really evaluate my first statement. Here’s a list:

“Funny People” with Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen
“Pineapple Express” with James Franco and Seth Rogen
“Stepbrothers” like I need to tell you who starred in this
“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” with Russel Brand, Jason Segel, Mila Kunis
“Superbad” with Jonah Hill and Michael Cera
“Knocked Up” with Kathryn Heigel, Seth Rogen, and Paul Rudd
“Talladega Nights” with John C Riley and Will Ferrell
“The 40 Year Old Virgin” with Steve Carrell, Paul Rudd, and Seth Rogen
“Anchorman” with Steve Carrell, Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Christina Applegate
Sprinkle in there a couple movies that werent blockbusters like “Year One”, “Kicking and Screaming”, “Walk Hard”, and “Drillbit Taylor” and you have yourself a nifty 5 year span.

(I actually took it out to 6 years to capture his crown jewel – Anchorman)

They cant all be winners, but many of them are and “Get Him to the Greek” is another one that I feel is a hit. It was called “one huge potty joke” by some, but I feel that his movies give rise to some real talented comedians by letting them simply play off each other. If you watch the interactions between Brand and Hill, you can see that each one of them is trying to outdo the other. There are many times when I felt that this stuff is too original to be scripted. I will unfortunately have to wait for the DVD gag reel to come out to verify this. This sense of spontaneity is one of the main reasons that Apatow is a hit machine. I would liken him to Hank Aaron, baseball’s real homerun king. He just goes out, hires his funny friends, and hits homeruns (makes multimillion dollar comedic hits). Read more…

world cup brings troops together

I love this story. Whether you call it futbol or soccer, its definitely something that transcends war riddled continents and countries. It crosses all language barriers and racial turmoil. I cant truly think of anything else that has a greater impact on the people of the world, than this moment and this World Cup 2010.

updated mortal kombat?

June 16, 2010 2 comments

the new face of scorpion

I used to get my ass handed to me every time I played this game by some little kid named Kevin back in middle school (Kev, this trailer was actually leaked to the world on your birthday, wierd right?). We would play all day after school and I would be lucky to continually sweep kick my way to a victory once in 10 matches. Im getting frozen, speared, flying triple kicked, had acid spit on me, slipped all over the place, had my head pulled off, been bit in half by a dragon, shattered into a thousand pieces, sawed in half, and uppercutted into oblivion…and this was all in 20 minutes. My fingers would be swollen and callaced, but nothing I could do would let me beat him. My only way to defend my honor was to physically punch him so that he might let me win one. Kevin’s not that little any more, in fact he’s a real American hero Marine man and I am sure he can still serve up a beat down in MK if he had to.

The original 1995 release of MK was pretty much a joke. I would put it on the same level as the Street Fighter movie with Jean-Claude (yeah that one sucked, but then again, most of his movies did). This new buzz however has got a lot of people thinking this is the rebirth of the franchise for this new generation. After watching this 7 minute trailer, I might have succumbed to a little barakaboner (no, not a presidential boner bc I dont particularly care for the guy so why waste a good wood. I mean a Mortal Komboner for the ages). I think all you MK fans can see that this movie needs to be remade and remade right with this storyline and this director. The “new” twist on the MK tail is a definite plus and strays away from the all supernatural effects that the ’95 movie played out. Plus the effects were garbage back then. Now special effects have caught up to the ideals of what Mortal Kombat has always been about. This reimagining is to be a balance between the real world and the supernatural just like in the Harry Potter movies (

I think all you MK diehards that played til your fingers bled, you know, the ones that knew all the nuances to find secret levels, should be getting on the web and making this movie a reality. The fans that were no fun to play against because this game was your prepubescent life. “Screw girls, Im playing with Sonya Blade so I can make her jump all over the place and possibly get her digital boob to pop out like Janet at the SuperBowl.” The ones that mastered every finishing move to make me look like an idiot ALL THE TIME. You are the ones that want this movie to be made (me too which is obvious because I am writing so fervently about it). If you do, pass this blog along, write about it, “like” the video and comment on it. Warner Brothers has the money to make this movie happen and to finally do it justice. This trailer is amazing and I think that you MK buffs might also be in for a little boner time.

Its the video game nerd in me, I couldnt help it. Check it.

Read more…

random bathroom facts

I found this fantastic piece of reading material in the mens bathroom at Surf n Turf in Provincetown MA. More bathrooms should have this kind of thing.

– The first product to have a barcode was Wrigley’s gum
– No piece of square dry paper can be folded more than 7 times in half
– Clinophobia is the fear of beds
– A “jiffy” is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second
– The Mint once considered making doughnut-shaped coins
– The average lifespan of a Major League baseball is 5-7 pitches
– It takes 25 muscles to swallow
– The thumbnail grows the slowest, the middle finger grows the fastest
– The 57 on Heinz ketchup bottles represents the number of varieties of pickles the company once had
– Cat urine glows under a blacklight
– Porcupines float in water
– Over 2,500 left handed people a year are killed using products made for right handed people
– You forget 80% of what you learn each day

(I learned all this amazing info on my train ride brunch through the Cape)
You can now find Braille on band aid boxes, pretty awesome.
Massachusetts is the 2nd leading producer of cranberries.
Cranberries are grown by either a dry method or wet method like in the Ocean Spray commercials.
Where they are grown is called a cranberry bog