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A couple months back I was introduced to a drinking game by my Jersey friends, thanks Fred. Its a speed game where you try to bounce quarters into a cup. The two cups start on opposite sides of the table and the object is to catch up then lap your opponents. With each lap, the person getting lapped must drink a shot of beer before trying to bounce the quarter and pass the cup. Getting caught in the “web” means that you are caught between two people that are hitting all their shots and you are getting lapped continuously. When you are deep in the “web”, the player getting lapped cant do shots of beer fast enough and then hit their shot. Might be a little hard to understand here, but with a couple rounds, its easy to pick up. I will gladly show you how to play if interested. Its a great pregaming idea.

We had most of the family standing around the island in the kitchen bouncing quarters and shooting beers. We might have played for three hours. At least that’s what it felt like. We started with 7 players and eventually whittled it down to only four. As you can imagine it got REAL bad REAL quick. The night ended around 0230 in a 50% barf ratio. That is not truly the goal of the game, but there are some real troopers and rallyers here in this family. I was not included in the ratio mentioned previously bee tea dubya.

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