When I first got here to Tucson on Wed, Brandon and I promptly came home to pour some adult beverages. We rolled out to the pool and just caught up on life. An hour turned into four, one drink turned into 6 and I was “toasty.” Toasty in two ways, I didnt eat as much as I should have throughout the day AND I got too much color. Little did I know that pale white guys that have been hiding from the NJ sun and hang out inside too much burn easily under this beautiful cloudless sky. Little did I know.

What makes it worse is the fact that I bought a big ass bottle of suntan lotion for Thursday, used it quite often, and got burned worse anyway. Crap!! Its only my shoulders and upper back, but it was hard to sleep. Hard to sleep when I am already having trouble putting down quality Zs. Totally worth it though to be out here. Gonna put on some Zinc, lather up real think with the lotion and wear a T shirt in the pool like a fat kid. This way I dont miss a day outside bc of my stupidity. Dumb me, red me. Drinks and great friends always get me into trouble…and I wouldnt have it any other way. Let the weekend commence!

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