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just like old times

If this were a Sunday, I would swear that I had been transported back in time to my military years here in Tucson. Sundays consisted of me skating the 1/4 mile to Brandon’s house lugging a handle of Capt if it were my time to buy, then cooking all day and watching the games. Slow cooking dips and pork carnitas, breading and basting our own spicy chicken wings, and making creme brulees. We did some SERIOUS cooking and eating back in those days. Sundays, this became the ritual. Great food, handles of rum, the triple brewed hops of Miller Lites and gorging oneself on fatty num nums.

Different house, bigger kitchen, different time 4 years later, but same smells of transparent onions and chilies, same beers, and same soundtrack(Anchorman). If you havent listened to this soundtrack, you are missing out. I love Will Ferrell and this CD is worth listening to all the way through when you are having a day that just needs a “pick me up.” his funny interjections really set the mood for a good time. Nothing like have a real good laugh between sick rock riffs and throwing some chili and queso together. This is one of those times that again transports me back.

Im so glad that I started writing in this blog because of how much it has opened my eyes and helped me to really appreciate the memories that I can actually recall. Is that a side effect of alcohol? Is that posted anywhere on the can? I cant remember.

Side note on alcohol: Did you know that 67% of STDs and 80% of unwanted pregnancies occur when alcohol is involved? This was actually in a summer safety briefing issued by the world’s finest Air Force just a week ago. This info was even accompanied by several PowerPoint slides to really bring home the point.

Not too shabby here in the Bennett house. Just like old times.

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