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buenos dias

is spanglish for “good morning”. Its 0800 out here in AZ and I have been up for an hour now. Couldnt get to bed last night (up until 0100 or 0400 East Coast time) and now I couldnt sleep in. Damn. I am beat down already and this vacation hasnt even really begun.

It feels so relaxing here in this big ole house that faces the Catalina Foothills (every time I say Catalina now, all I can think about is the “F-ing Catalina Wine Mixer” from Step Brothers. It makes me giggle every time.) and I love how slow pace it is. Nothing is too pressured. You just float on with the day, get what you need to done, and soak in the “no stress” atmosphere. I love it. I miss it. Being here brings back the flood of memories associated with the 4 years I spent in this town. It feels good to be home. It feels good to be back here with my “brother.”

The morning here is warm, the birds are chirping, I was greeted by a “push up” lizard (he does push ups on the larger rocks so the ladies can see how strong he is. This helps him to procreate. I should probably be doing more pushups, huh?) as I walked out the door today, and once again there isnt a cloud in the sky. Which coincidentally may not be in my favor as I drank several Capt’s with Brandon yesterday and already got a little sun burned. That’s what happens to us pale folk from out east I guess. Any volunteers to rub some lotion on my back? I cant reach it…ha!

Now to do some homework before everyone wakes up. Not a bad place to do some homework, right?

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