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tucson to-do list

Have multiple Capt and Cokes with Mr Bennett (been a long time coming)
Hold my first conversation with Chaz
Give hugs to the whole family, then force them to drink beers
Embarrass Kenzi at her graduation AND in front of her friends AND at her grad party
Be that wasted guy at some point during the week
Not get sun burnt
Get Terri so hammered she falls in the pool
Lay out under the stars
Skate the best pavement I can find
Get Grandma Bacon a beer
Watch the planes take off from base again
Visit base and my old squadron
Continue my workout regimen

Play catch-up with:
Hathorn before he deploys on Monday
Stacey and crazy Nicole (no you cant sleep in my bed again!!)
Queensbury and his fam
Doyle, Mel and their kids
Young Albert Levin
Everyone else that still likes to party

Eat at the following places:
MacMahons for buttery prime rib
In-N-Out Double Double with Cheese (x3)
Whataburger sausage gravy biscuits for my hangover
Any dirty burrito joint I can find
Frog N Firkin for a real deep dish slice and an Apricot Ale on tap

Visit these bars:
The Cow Pony (with no fights this time or breaking tables with guy’s faces)
Anything on 4th

Pee in Bennett’s pool

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