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career day recap

Dad and I got to Thomas Johnson Middle School in Frederick MD today around noon where we were treated to deli subs, fresh salad and a delightful potato salad (I say delightful bc it had bacon in it and who out there doesn’t LOVE bacon? If you do not, quit reading my blog baconhater!). As we ate and conversed many other people from all types of career fields checked in. There were attorneys, theater workers (like production, not cinema), scientists, and a pilot from the greatest Air Force the world has ever known. I didn’t get to talk to him because the scientist was babbling on about monkey HIV and platelettes and blah blah blah. He seemed like a really good guy but I turned him off at “monkey HIV.” I hope he doesn’t use that shpeel to get chicks because there is just something about simian AIDS that might turn off a woman. Just saying.

Once again, I was allotted an entire classroom for 30 minutes apiece for three periods. No real-time to set up which will be in my critique, but we dove right in and made it work. I gave them my background: born in a blizzard in 1980, received a police escort even before I was born (they knew what was coming…ME!), lived in MD for 20 years, joined the USAF on 9/11, spent 6 years flying on airplanes, 2 tours in Afghanistan, out in Sept 2007, joined up with Bustin Boards officially, now back in school. I thought that about covered it minus all the partying, women and rock and roll (minus the women and rock and roll too)

I showed them last year’s video from the Concrete Wave Evolutions DVD where Ryan, Nick and I talked about the company, its origins, and our mission. I got some laughs when they saw my mullet-hawk hiding under a fitted hat on-screen. For those not in the know, I am adventurous and like to push the envelope. So adventurous that I invented an entirely new hair style for myself. I had long hair all winter last year and after a couple of beers, I decided a mullet would be order for the upcoming skate events. Ryan and I googled “How to cut a proper mullet” and received over 10 million hits. The first site gave us step by step directions on how to angle the clippers, what comb to use, how much to take off, what settings to use, the whole shabang! After more beers, it was done and looked amazing and by amazing I mean awful. I continued to trim until I reached a comfortable length and realized I could do a play off those Euro cuts the soccer players are wearing these days. Long enough on the top to spike up into a semi mohawk and fluffy enough around the back to still be considered a mullet = mullet-hawk. I can’t say its the best invention I have ever come up with but I feel confident no one rocked it quite like me. I digress…

A couple more videos, we peruse the website to show them why our boards are different from the rest, talk about aspirations and then open it up to questioning. Times all this by three and you have how my day was spent. It went well and the last class I had was awesome. They were really excited, wanted to ask questions and liked the interaction. It was hands down the best class I had all day. Thanks class.

At the end, I received another certificate of excellence which will be placed in a frame and put on my wall. Ill place it right between my “Son of the Year” award and “Kickball Champions 2009” certificate. I think it garners that much praise. I am quickly running out of room on my walls for all my random certificates so I may start putting them in the living room, in the kitchen on the fridge and in the back of the bathroom door so everyone can know I am the 1987 National Spelling Bee Champion when they sit on our toilet. YUP!

Dad and I left to head to Baltimore where I was to catch my bus. We ate at the Olive Garden which was a pleasant surprise and then over to the bus stop. I am on the bus now writing this and somewhere in Jersey north of exit 6. I think we still have an hour to the city so I am crossing my fingles (inside joke for Sprinkles and Doyle) that traffic doesn’t kill us going into the tunnel. Pray with me because I have to be out of my apartment by 430a tomorrow to catch my flight to TUCSON!! HIYO!

I’ll do my best to chronicle the debauchery that will ensue when I land in AZ so stay tuned for sheer randomness. I cannot wait to pee in Bennett’s new pool!

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