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career day, ahhhh!

In less than 3 hours I am speaking at a middle school career day here in Frederick MD (neighboring city to my hometown) and my dad is coming down as well. Im doing this as a favor to one of my “moms” that helped raise me on the old block, Aunt Char. I did this last year and had a great time, but for some reason I was so nervous I sweated through my shirt. It was just uncontrollable and I even had a fan on me. I guess its partially to blame that I was ill prepared and that I hadnt spoken in front of people for nearly 2 years.

This year should be different. Im a veteran to the middle school career day circuit now and should have no problem telling these kids how cool I am. Ha, if that only were the case. (this is a high pressure gig. you think speaking at colleges is hard, try these little guys and gals. They are ruthless!) You might ask, “what will you be telling them about at career day, arent you are unemployed?” Well good question people. I will be talking of owning a skate company and not of my playboy exploits of partying on the government’s money (I earned the GI BILL through 6 years of service to this great nation, so if you think I am taking advantage of the system, I am not. I earned this and will relish in every second of it until I have to grow up. Thank you.). I cant tell them about all teh fun Im having being unemployed and having the world at my finger tips. I could ruin an entire grades thoughts on going to college or striving to be the next Bill Gates. I dont want that hex on me! So skateboards it is.

We will see how this goes. I dont expect any problems, I mean hell, they are 13 years old. What’s the worst that could happen? (that sounds like a line from a horror movie and now I am getting axed as I run up the stairs instead of out the wide open front door where the policemen are waiting to shoot the madman who is chasing me) Wish me luck.

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