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I am watching the LOST finale right now and I cannot explain to you the rollercoaster Im on unless you are a fan too. I havent been a LOST fan for the past 6 years like many of you. I only found this phenomenon this year through Bub (I owe you big time. Thanks Bub). From watching the first episode, I knew I would be hooked and now here I am watching the end of an era. Since I am lucky enough to not have a job besides being a full time college student, I had the luxury of watching all 5 seasons, 94 hours, in less than 3 weeks leading up to the final season. Yes, I might have sat on the couch for a little too long each day watching this mythical adventure unwind, but now that I am seeing what I am seeing, I am truly thankful to have experienced it first hand.

Note: The target commercials are amazing byt the way. The smoke monster coming out onto the beach then it being a commercial for smoke detectors. The keyboard from the hatch isnt working and its a commercial for $23.00 keyboards at Target. The boar running through the forest and then BBQ sauce coming up. Priceless.

Are other people blogging their feelings as the show is going on too? I cant imagine that I am the only LOST nerd expressing his feelings through blog right now. But if I am, then that is good for getting out this blog of mine!

I have been getting goosebumps, chills, a little teary (not gonna lie, It could get a lot teary if it ends the way I want it to), Ive laughed out loud, I literally yelled “WHAT?” like 5 times, Ive been texting my fellow LOSTies and even facebooking about it. The only thing I can think of that I have not done is tweet and that’s bc I dont remember my login info. I am almost the complete package when it comes to social media right now.

Flash forwards, flash sideways, flashbacks, its all mindbottling. I know there are a ton of you haters out there that didnt believe the hype but its only bc you didnt give the show a chance OR you couldnt wrap your feeble minds around the radical concepts. Think outside the box for once in your life!

I have never felt this way about a show in my life besides MacGyver (you know that mullet haired SOB rocked your socks off when we were younger). This might be better than any movie I have ever seen and I think I can safely say that because this thrill ride is years in the making. I am laughing and clapping and all of this while sitting on the floor of my childhood bedroom in MD all by myself. I know that up in Hoboken, there is a sick LOST party going on at Bubs and I am missing out on Del’s insightful conspiracy theories and the collective gasps as this whole thing goes down. I will be sad if I dont see another polar bear, but I doubt I will be sad at how this ends. I am on the edge of my seat and Im not even sitting on one!

I cant wait to see the official numbers on this episode. 18 million people tuned in for the pilot and I am thinking that this could quadruple that. I have nothing to base this off of, but I know that the SUper Bowl averages over 100 million viewers. I honestly could have made that up too, but I think that Im right. 60% of all statistics are made up off the top of peoples heads. FACT.

In sideways universe Jacks walking into the party right now and just saw Kate. Oh Evangeline you are looking SOOO hot, thank you for dressing up. Whats going to happen???? Im screaming inside right now. This blog probably will not flow like my normal ones because this is all coming out AS IT HAPPENS on screen. AAAAaaaAAA! The phrase “just let go” comes up again! “Ill see you in another life brother!” What? Are you kidding me with how all this is turning out? The connections are incredible.

I cant even describe to you how hard my heart is throbbing right now watching that plane take off and now seeing the water rush back in over Jack. If you didnt watch then you dont have any clue what I mean, but Im slowly freaking out! Im fidgiting and perspiring a little now. How much longer can this last? 2 hours and counting. I dont want it to end at all but this is just racking my brain to the core!!

Note2: There is a 20 minute gap of time in here because I couldnt pull myself away from the TV screen to write.

So call me crazy, but I just cried and I am utterly, completely satisfied with the ending of this amazing saga. I feel fulfilled. Leading up to this finale there were so many questions, but I feel like this ending did justice to the shows entire life. I still have questions but none so pertinent that I can even comment negatively on the shows final moments. When Jack stumbles back through the bamboo forest to the spot where it all began, he lays down to take his final breathes, and watches the Aljira plane fly overhead, that was it for me. RESOLUTION and tears are flowing. I even said ‘yes!” because it felt so right. Dual planes of reality coming full circle with Christian Shephard leading them into the light. Interpret it however you may. INcredible period.

Note3: The music behind the finale was incredible.

To top all this off, my Phoenix Suns won against the Lakers! AND the Yanks lost to the Mets, hiyo!

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