Do you remember the smell/taste of these things?

I was driving through town with my dad today and caught a whiff that took me back to my youth. It was like a flood of memories all in a second and then it passed. It made me think back to playing in the woods, building forts back on the old block, and riding bikes up on the mountain. I remember riding bikes down the lane near the church behind my old house and seeing the woods just littered with white, yellow, and pink variations of these little fragrant flowers. I think back to picking a couple vines and then just sitting down in the grass to pull pestals that yielded sweet drops of dewey nectar. Am I the only one that remembers going this? I hope not because it seems so vivid in my mind that I would hate for people not to have enjoyed this tiny piece of heaven on earth. Ike knows what Im talking about, he was there for the whole thing.

It just felt like spring today as we drove through town. It felt like I was younger and Hagerstown had regained its old time luster. The air was pretty heavy with humidity, the clouds were dark, rain dropped in patches, but the air was cool and full of aromas that kicked my memory into high gear. I loved it. It was a simple day with no real intention. Dad and I just did what we wanted and used this old town for all it had to offer. I vaguely thought back to when I was younger and my ‘rents were newly divorced. I sat in my dads late 70s Chevy pale green truck with a white cab. We didnt have a care in the world, nothing to accomplish, we were just going with the flow and hanging out. I really, truly enjoyed today.

it kinda looked like this, but better

Eat some sushi at Sakura and try to get dad to try eel for the first time. “Hell no” he says. “What about avacado,” I say. “I dont want that either, stop it. You eat yours, Ill eat mine.” I proceeded to ask him about 10 more times and he finally just didnt talk to me anymore. I was just trying to get him to experience a little more in life, that’s all. After that we drove around looking for some new shorts for me, no dice. Then on a whim, we decided to see a movie. My dad hadnt been to the theater in almost 8 years! For real, 8 YEARS! How does that happen? I took him to see “Date Night” with Steve Carrell and Tina Fey. It turned out to be pretty good and I think I even heard him laugh a couple times. What makes it even better is that we had the whole theater to ourselves.

From there we decided to grab Frosty’s. Why not, right? Its an amazing day outside and we didnt have a care in the world. Yeah this ruins some of the great eating I have been doing and Ill have to work out a little harder, but how often do I get to hang with Pops?

now if only I had some fries to dip in it

Loved today. Loved the smell of honeysuckles that kick-started all this. Loved being with my old man shooting the shit. He’s such a cool cat, Im glad he’s mine.

  1. May 27, 2010 at 10:29

    your pops really does rock.
    and honeysuckles are my fave.

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