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Stadium night

With my bus running late (so late in fact that the bus that left an hour after us PASSED us and beat us into DC) we ended up missing the national anthem and the first pitch. But we got to Check out some Redskins cheerleaders, nice.

The Nationals stadium is absolutely incredible. The open air design allows for some of the seats to see the Capital Building and from just about every piece of the stadium you can see the game. If you’re grabbing a beer, you can still see the game. Getting food or wandering around, you can see the game!

There were 13 of us in all but we couldn’t all sit together bc they wouldn’t let Danny purchase more than 12 tickets. It’s a rule in place for scalpers. Either way, Danny and I rocked $20 tickets right behind home plate while everyone else sat down the left field line.

The seats were great, the Os pitcher had a no no into the fifth, an we (Orioles nation) got a win! To top it off, it was fireworks Friday too.

After the game we went to a dive bar fit for BK, but more original. It’s called Thirsty’s Refueling Station and it was littered with normal folk just like us, not the suits and ties I thought it was to be. We spent the rest of the night there drinking whisky and trying to recover from the “half smoke” that I ate at the stadium. “Half smoke” is a DC favorite that is a sausage stuffed with half pork and half beef topped with chili and cheese. Simply delightful.

All in all it was a chill time with Danny, his girl Jenna and their crew. Now we are driving to HagerVegas for the Hunt Hills Invitational. Can’t wait to hit the links.

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